How to Re-Create Beyoncé’s Epic Flower Crown As a Fierce Bouquet for Your Home

Photos: Vogue; Stocksy/Preappy

Vogue's September issue is here, and it is fierce—Sasha Fierce. On the cover, Queen Bey sits sideways, wearing a white Gucci gown with peasant sleeves and a massive, beehive-shaped (ahem, beyhive) floral headdress. And her smoldering side-eye seems to command one action: bow down.

While Beyoncé's confidence could make a ripped paper bag look like haute couture, she really is #werking that flower headpiece. And, while you may not want to rock a similar look for everyday life (I mean, just try to do Pilates in that thing), the arrangement serves as some pretty dreamy inspo you can re-create in your Zen den—and an expert is here to help you do just that.

Christina Stembel, founder of Farmgirl Flowers says the key for bringing the magic of the Bey's look into your home is to use a variety of textures. And here's the rundown of the flowers she says to use: peonies (or garden roses, if they're easier to find), dried yarrow, blushing bride proteas, anthurium, and sweet William (dianthus barbatus). Stembel suggests using a cylinder vase with a diameter no wider than three inches and arranging the flowers before you put them in it.

"Start with one or two of your focal blooms, staggering the heads so one is one inch to inches above the others," she says. "Then begin to circle these blooms with the other florals, making sure to stagger the heads of the blooms to prevent overcrowding."

Then comes the real trick: "Add a little more height to one side with your more sculptural blooms," Stembel says, adding you shouldn't stress about  stems showing, as that creates visual interest. "Use your bits to create some drape to the opposing side of your arrangement. This 'S' will keep your eye traveling through the arrangement and make you look like a total pro!"

Once the flowers are arranged, measure your bouquet against the vase. Stembel says you'll want the lowest blooms to start around one inch above the lip of the vase. Trim the stems and drop them in the vase. Voilà!

Get ready to fall crazy in love for this bouquet fit for a queen.

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