The 6 Stages of a Soulcycle Class, As Told by Beyoncé

Photo: Instagram/@beyonce

Beyoncé likes to keep us guessing: She drops life-changing albums (and their accompanying music videos) with no warning—and she's hanging out at your local roller rink and working out at your local SoulCycle studio.

Ever since that Bey-Jay boutique fitness appearance, I've imagined every single class as set to a Beyoncé montage. Since the probability of running into Bey-Z (is that a thing?) seems kind of low, allow the queen herself to illustrate the six stages of your next spin session.

Keep scrolling to see Beyonce guide you through the highs (and lows) of your 45-minute SoulCycle evolution.


1. Time to strap in

It was between this and Pilates, but then I thought WWBD—what would Beyoncé do?


2. This playlist is lit

I wish I could Shazam this remix of "Drunk in Love." Trying pretty hard to conceal the fact that I'm now spin-dancing.


3. Did this instructor really just ask me to increase my resistance, again?

That is the eighth time this class, my dude. I'm not even sure that this bike is capable of any additional resistance.


4. So. Much. Sweat.

This bike is about to turn into a slip-and-slide—but all this sweat-toxing means I can skip the infrared sauna session after, right?


5. Wait, is that Beyonce and Jay-Z in the front row?!

Is this really happening or is this a SoulCycle mirage? Talk about getting your heart rate up....


6. Happy that it's over, happier that I got that workout in

Free at last! SoulCycle's like a two-in-one: a workout and a (super-unlikely) opportunity to sweat in close proximity to Bey.

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