5 Refreshing Big-Batch Cocktails to Whip up This Memorial Day Weekend

Photo: Pinterest/PaperStitch
Planning a Memorial Day party can be pretty labor intensive. The stressful days and hours leading to your big bash are most likely consumed with cooking loads of food in advance, scrounging up enough cutlery and seating, and cleaning your place for an onslaught of company.

Once it's finally time for the actual party, you'll likely want to surrender to the sun-filled festivities and not, say, play bartender all night—which is exactly why mixing a large quantity of a summer beverage ahead of time is such a great idea. Since searches for big-batch cocktails are up by 60 percent since last year, according to a summer-trends report from Pinterest, I'm guessing hostesses everywhere are catching on to this time-saving party trick.

Rounded up here are some of the most delectable and refreshing big-batch libations and recipes on Pinterest. Not only will these buckets of cocktails satisfy the masses during your upcoming summer social activities, but they're also really easy to make. Now you can chat with friends, be present in the moment, and enjoy your own summery cocktail.

Find your go-to summer big-batch cocktail from the 5 below.

Make yourself a cocktail that packs a healthy punch, like this turmeric-honey drink or this anti-inflammatory carrot drink.

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