After Watching This Video of Breakout Singer Billie Eilish, I’m Replacing Resolutions With These Questions for 2019

Photo: Getty Images/Rich Fury; Graphics: Well+Good Creative
This was a monumental year for singer-songwriter Billie Eilish, whose atmospheric and haunting melodies are the quintessential soundtrack for when you just want to drive and feel your feelings. To document her speed-of-light success story, Vanity Fair asked the 16-year old (!!) the exact same set of interview questions on October 18, 2017 and October 18, 2018, and oh boy—talk about a 365-day transformation.

To name just a few accolades that Eilish has added to her resumé this year: She gained almost nine millions followers on Instagram (where her handle is @wherearetheavocados, BTW), collaborated with Khaled, and even secured a spot on the Forbes' 30 Under 30. And while many of these (or okay, maybe all of them) aren't realistic expectations for those of us without the vocals of an avant-garde angel, the idea of setting aside time for an annual Q&A with yourself is kinda genius.

For Eilish, 2018 changed her favorite color from bright green to black (because, "[The world] has been pretty dark lately, so I've just wanted to be dark with it," she explains), taught her how to drive, and placed her under an (at times stifling) spotlight that won't allow her to go anywhere (except Trader Joe's) without being recognized. But simultaneously, some things—like her DGAF attitude—haven't changed one bit.

So my question is, why don't we all copy Eilish and challenge ourselves to get real as we stare into a front-facing camera. Because, you guys—a lot can happen in a year. And won't it be kind of fun to high five yourself (as the artist does) for whoever you become? Let's test it out.

1. What advice would you give yourself a year from now?
2. What advice would you give yourself a year ago?
3. What's your favorite movie?
4. What's your favorite color right now?
5. What's your biggest regret?
6. What's the biggest thing you've learned?
7. What country would you love to visit?
8. How do you define your style in three words?
9. What's your philosophy?
10. What do you want to say to yourself in a year?

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