A Derm Told Me This Drugstore Body Wash Is the Only One to Shower With in the Winter

Photo: Getty Images/rtem Varnitsin/EyeEm
The moment temperatures drop below 40 degrees, I avoid showering as if my life depended on it. The hot water dries out my skin, which is already parched and miserable on account of the fact that it’s freezing outside, and that moment when I have to step out from under the stream of hot water into my cold apartment air is truly the worst part of my day.

So, naturally, I'm always looking for ways to make winter showers slightly less terrible—because as much as I despise them, I also don’t want to be known as the smelly girl at work. And according to dermatologist Dr. Lily Talakoub of McLean Dermatology and Skincare, the only thing I need to make the experience bearable (especially for the sake of my sad, dry skin) is one simple product: Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil ($20).

"It is the best moisturizing body wash I have ever used in my life,” she gushes. “I give it to every single patient—it’s so inexpensive, and I use it to wash my body as well as to shave my legs. It’s amazing."

The best part? It moisturizes your skin while you're hanging out under the shower stream, which means you'll hop out feeling silky smooth–even before you slather on your usual lotions and creams. It's an ideal multitasking pick for anyone with dry or sensitive skin, two categories most people find themselves falling into this time of year.

In addition the fact that it's formulated with vegetal biolipids and niacinamide (which protects your skin barrier), its status as a shower oil instead of cream-style body wash means it works more effectively to treat your skin. "Anything that's lipophilic is going to penetrate the skin better, so in general, the penetration of products that works best is an ointment or oil, then a cream, then a lotion, then a gel," explains Dr. Talakoub.

Once you've oiled up in the shower, seal in all of that moisture with a heavy head-to-toe cream, like Abhati Suisse Kanva Body Lotion ($50) or C.O. Bigelow Body Cream ($30) and you'll be good to go.

Winter showers may suck, but make your shower into a more relaxing, spa-like experience. Plus, keep your hair as hydrated as your body by deep conditioning it during your next workout. 

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