Here’s Our Number-One Beauty Pick for Amazon Prime Day (and It’s French Girl-Approved)

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Gather all around and let me tell you a story about how I used to not wash my face before bed. Pick a reason, and I'd used it: I was too tired, my cleanser stripped my face, I don't wear foundation so surely the nighttime step wasn't necessary...except it was. Call on the expert advice of frequently photographed A-listers or no-BS dermatologists alike, and they'll tell you this for certain: You must, must, must wash your complexion before bed. So, I chose the easiest option available—micellar water—or to be more specific, Bioderma ($15), which is currently 35 percent off in the Amazon Prime Day Sale.

The no-frills French pharmacy staple is what everyone loves about the country's effortlessly cool beauty, boiled down into one product. Most cleansers require you to lather and rinse, but Bioderma asks that you merely sweep it over your complexion and watch it work. I like to think of it as time in a bottle, not because it makes great promises of renewed youth, but because it practically gives you time back in your regimen (which, TBH everyone needs).

Micellar water
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Micellar waters work because of their chemical structure. Each micelle is composed of a hydrophillic end and a hydrophobic end, making them able to encapsulate the oil, dirt, and grime that's on your complexion and sweep it away, without the added assist from water from the tap (though some dermatologists do recommend rinsing your face after using a micellar water to make sure it's really clean).

What I like most about Bioderma is that, like wipes, it's quick and easy to use. I keep a stack of cotton pads and a tiny bottle that I refill in my sock drawer next to my bed. On nights when I'm my most tired, I swipe it over my complexion to get all the benefits of washing my face without all of that time that I'd previously dreaded in front of the sink. Plus, there's an added bonus (if you want to call it that): Micellar waters allow you see all of the oil and dirt that was lurking behind on your face. Consider that dirt-filled cotton swab as proof that you should wash your face every just doesn't have to be a chore.

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