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The 12 Best Holiday Gifts from BIPOC Creators and Retailers to Add to Your List

Saanya Ali

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It's finally the holiday season, which means gift lists are here. This year, it's more important than ever to pay attention to where you're shopping and what you're buying. One step towards being a better ally is putting your money where your mouth is, educating yourself about brands, supporting small businesses, and focusing on BIPOC-owned brands and creators. From cozy home goods and candles to classes that will boost your activism IQ,  this list is sure to have something for everyone. Here, 12 gifts from BIPOC-owned brands that we can't wait to support now and always.

1. McBride Sisters 12 Bottle Seasonal Wine Club

gifts from bipoc owned brands

With a year like 2020 ever-so-slowly retreating into the rearview mirror, one can only start a gift guide with a nearly universal yearly fave—wine. McBride Sisters is the largest Black-owned wine company in the United States. Their business supports inclusivity, access, and sustainability, and many of their collections donate portions of the proceeds to causes like SHE CAN and Black Girl Magic. The seasonal wine club subscriptions will deliver wine to your door four times a year with wines that are perfect for every time of the year.

Shop now: 12 Bottle Seasonal Wine Club, $220

2. Love Notes Grace Candle

gifts from bipoc owned brands

Love Notes is a Brooklyn-based brand that creates ethically-made soy candles that are poured in the founder, Nya Kam's, own home.  The five-blend aroma that's both sweet and woodsy is sure to fill the whole house with holiday cheer. The Grace 3-Wick candle even comes with a holiday playlist to get you in the spirit.

Shop now: Love Notes Grace Candle, $48

3. Rachel Rickett's Spiritual Activism 101 Class

gifts from bipoc owned brands

Wanting to give more than a present you can wrap in a bow this year? Rachel Rickett's Spiritual Activism 101 class is a great option for anyone who wants to dive deep into allyship and cultivate anti-racist behaviors. Using a mix of information, current events, history, and actionable tips to take with you, this class is supportive, empowering, and honest.

Shop now: Rachel Rickett's Spiritual Activism 101 Class, $55

4. StitchLab Marketplace Love Mini Bag

gifts from bipoc owned brands

StitchLab started as a talent incubator for Latin American fashion brands in the United States. Now, it is a curated shopping experience that features and uplifts the best Latin American independent talent and sustainable creators. Created entirely by hand, this Love Mini Bag is a modern version of the Colombian mochila.

Shop now: StitchLab Marketplace Love Mini Bag, $180

5. Aurate Diamond Bezel Necklace

gifts from bipoc owned brands

With a sustainable production promise and materials that are meant to last, Aurate's jewelry is meant to stay in your collection forever. This elegant necklace is perfect to layer or wear on its own to add a little sparkle to your everyday look.

Shop now: Aurate Diamond Bezel Necklace, $320

6. Pat McGrath MTHRSHP MEGA: Celestial Divinity Eyeshadow Palette

gifts from bipoc owned brands

This 18-shade palette has it all—glitter, shimmer, matte, and iridescent. They're highly pigmented, and perfect to add a pop of color to your Zoom makeup routine or give you that extra oomph of motivation to make that dreaded grocery store run. Prepare to feel like a Studio 54 disco queen.

Shop now: Pat McGrath MTHRSHP MEGA: Celestial Divinity Eyeshadow Palette, $78

7. KOTN Duvet Cover

gifts from bipoc owned brands

Always dreamed about sleeping on Egyptian Cotton but hated the steep price tag? This 400-thread-count duvet cover will have you dozing in the lap...erm bed...of luxury. Since 2015, KOTN has committed itself to using fair and ethical labor practices, and with every purchase a percentage is donated to support children's education in rural parts of Egypt.

Shop now: KOTN Duvet Cover, $155

8. Omsom Sauce Gift Set

gifts from bipoc owned brands

This bundle of sauces includes 12 packets, each of which can make up to three meals. From both East and Southeast Asia, the flavors are a trip for your tastebuds during a time when many of us are traveling less than we would like. You can also find tons of recipe ideas on their site to mix up your winter meal prep.

Shop now: Omsom Sauce Gift Set, $55

9. Anya Lust Objects of Desire Vibrator Gift Set

gifts from bipoc owned brands

Give the gift of some serious pleasure this year. With a HighOnLove Orgasm Oil that intensifies intimacy (whether that be alone or with a partner) and the Jopen by Calexotics Grace Palm Massager that's just as functional as it is beautiful (and covered in crystals), this set is the perfect gift to spark some serious R&R after this oh-so-stressful year.

Shop now: Anya Lust Objects of Desire Vibrator Gift Set, $120

10. GOODEE Matisse Throw Blanket

gifts from bipoc owned brands

This woven throw exudes hygge to the max. Its bright colors are sure to liven up those dark, dreary winter days, and it's a great cozy companion to snuggle up on the couch with for a cheesy holiday film. Additionally, GOODEE has committed to being both socially and eco-conscious in all of their products.

Shop now: GOODEE Matisse Throw Blanket, $325

11. Actually Curious Cards Bundle

gifts from bipoc owned brands

Looking for a gift that you can share with your friends and family? Actually Curious is a card game with a mission to spread empathy and help strangers and friends alike bridge divides and move past boundaries. Filled with meaningful questions about life, love, morals, and goals, these cards were made by drawing references from psychologists, journalists, crisis negotiators, and game developers to help you get to know yourself and others on a deeper level.

Shop now: Actually Curious Cards Bundle, $45

12. Habit Skin N° 41 Mister

bipoc owned gift guide

With notes of rose geranium, lavender, and rosemary, this SPF mist is the perfect answer to the question, "How to I put on sunscreen without messing up my makeup?" It's no-touch application means that you can be sun safe with just a few spritzes. (For even more goodness, Habit made a monochrome orange Slumber Set to match.)

Shop now: Habit Skin N° 41 Mister, $30

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