How an Astrological Birth Chart for Your Job Can Help You Thrive at Work

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Because they’re derived from the moment of birth, astrological charts are normally created for people. But if you think about the concept of birth more generally, meaning whenever something begins or takes on life, you’ll see that it’s possible to create a birth chart for non-human things, too—like an event, relationship, business, or job—and use it to interpret the vibe of said thing. In that way, making a birth chart for your current job or one you’re about to start may help you align your approach with the cosmic energy of the role, says astrologer Valerie Tejeda.

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“I like to think of your birth chart as the energy you’re personally working with in life,” says Tejeda, “and the birth chart of a job would similarly reflect the job’s core energy.” To create it, you’d simply plug the start date, time, and location of your job into a birth chart generator like this one, in just the same way you’d plug in your birth information to pull a chart for yourself.

"The birth chart of a job reflects that job's core energy." —Valerie Tejeda, astrologer

Given that you might have some control over the start date of a job (in a way that you certainly don’t over your birth date), you could generate a few versions of a birth chart for a new job and choose the start date that corresponds to the chart with which you resonate the most. For example, if you were to get a job offer in the next couple weeks, you might have the choice of starting at the end of Virgo season or at the beginning of Libra season. “In that case, you could decide which sun sign you’d prefer your job to have,” says Tejeda, “and then embrace that kind of energy to connect with the job when you start.”

But even if you’re not planning on starting a new role, you could still pull up a birth chart for your current job to get a better grasp on the cosmic energy it carries and shift your approach accordingly, she adds.  That might be extra useful if you feel like you’re just not gelling with your work or colleagues and need to change up your strategy or attitude.

Though looking at the sun sign of your job’s birth chart is likely the best indicator of its overall vibe and personality (just as your own sun sign determines the thrust of your personality), Tejeda also suggests focusing on the Mars sign of your job to get a better understanding of how you might attack it, given that “Mars is the placement of energy and action.”

Below, Tejeda shares how to interpret the energy of your job, new or old—and use it to your advantage—based on its Mars sign.

How to use the Mars sign of your job to excel at work, according to an astrologer


If the birth chart of your job has Mars in Aries, you're destined for a good deal of forward motion. (Or perhaps you've already been handed one promotion after the next?) "Mars is really comfortable in Aries because it's one of the signs that Mars rules," says Tejeda.

"Having Mars in Aries for one of the placements of a job tends to bring a lot of go-getter energy, excitement, and ambition." Your best approach is to lean into that energy by advocating directly for the tasks and responsibilities you want.


Chances are, slow and steady wins the race in your case. "Taurus is a sign that likes to be chill, calm, and grounded, so when Mars is in Taurus, it likes to take action in a very intentional way," says Tejeda. If your job has this placement, you'll want to similarly cultivate grounded and consistent energy to move forward in alignment, she says.

There's also a stubborn side of Taurus that you might be wise to embrace at work: "Hold strong to the things that you're passionate about and that inspire you," she says.


Your job may require you to communicate fluidly and frequently, or to rely often on sheer intellect and creativity—all of which are themes common to Gemini.

"If your job has Mars in Gemini, the energy you're working with is likely to be fast-paced, fun, and adaptable, and you're bound to find yourself taking action with regard to new ideas and new projects," says Tejeda. Because Gemini is often a highly social sign, too, you may also do well at work by saying "yes" to social outings and happy hours.


Do you feel *all of the things* at work? The sign of the crab is classically full of emotions and also incredibly hard-working and persistent, which could mean that you'd benefit at work by really putting your heart into it.

"Having Mars in Cancer for a job brings a nurturing, tenacious, and creative energy," says Tejeda. "Take this as a reminder to approach work tasks by leaning into your intuition and making yourself feel as comfortable and at ease as you can around your colleagues."


You could find yourself stepping into a leader role at work, whether by title or within the social hierarchy. Intense Mars and fiery Leo are a natural fit, so a job that has Mars in Leo is bound to exude expressive, charismatic, and confident energy, says Tejeda.

In that realm, a Mars-in-Leo placement is also fantastic for championing new things, which you should feel comfortable doing at work, she adds. Your drive and work ethic will help ensure that they come to fruition.


Work may feel very…work-y to you, with this placement. Your best days likely come when you've clearly time-blocked your calendar and made a to-do list that you can tick through accordingly. "Having a job with Mars in Virgo gives off a vibe that is highly driven, organized, and goal-oriented," says Tejeda.

The more energy you invest into planning and sharpening specific skills, the more likely it is that your work will pay off in the end. "At its best, Virgo energy gets stuff done—and done well," Tejeda adds.


This placement for Mars offers a much-needed sense of balance, says Tejeda: "With Mars in Libra for a job, the energy is diplomatic, harmonious, and charming." Connecting to that vibe might look like lifting up colleagues around you and being sure to pay attention to all voices at the (metaphorical) table.

At the same time, Mars in Libra may act as a reminder to take the time to understand things before acting and to approach new projects and tasks from a place of moderation, adds Tejeda.


As with Aries, Mars loves to be in Scorpio, says Tejeda, given it is the traditional planetary ruler of Scorpio. So, it's likely that this well-aligned placement for a job will allow you some frictionless momentum. "This energy is intense, passionate, and laser-focused," says Tejeda.

And if you embrace that same vibe in your work, there's no stopping you on the route toward a raise, promotion, or leadership role, she says.


There's an adventurous spirit to any job with Mars in Sagittarius, says Tejeda: "Sagittarius is all about exploring new things and having meaningful experiences, and the same can be brought to work when a job has its Mars in Sagittarius."

Adopting this perspective—that your job is, in fact, a string of new experiences to be had—can help you really soak up all that it has to offer, as can embracing spontaneity whenever the opportunity arises.


As Capricorn is the classically work-oriented sign of the zodiac, you may not be surprised to learn that Mars in Capricorn for a job is a super-strong placement. You could be required to exert some serious stamina, strength, and boss energy in your role, but when you do, "there's no mountain you can't climb," says Tejeda.

In fact, when conflict or struggle arises, your best bet would be to lean right into it—and lead the group to resolution. You're well-positioned to make a big move when one is needed, says Tejeda.


You may be in a role that involves some big-picture or innovative thinking—or, this kind of approach may be a pathway to achieving more success within your role. "A job with Mars in Aquarius has visionary, futuristic energy," says Tejeda, "and you might find that it requires you to brainstorm new ideas or uncover unique ways to tackle complex situations."

At the same time, there's a humanitarian edge to Mars in Aquarius, and you could benefit from thinking about your role in terms of how it serves the collective good, says Tejeda.


You may not be the first to raise your hand in a meeting, but you could certainly generate some big ideas behind the scenes.

"Mars in Pisces for a job has a certain kind of creative, compassionate, and imaginative vibe," says Tejeda. If you can embrace the mindset that no dream is too big, she adds, you may be surprised by what you can achieve. In other words? Your imagination may be your best work asset.

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