This Made-to-Order (and Eerily Accurate) Birth Chart Book Is on Sale for Valentine’s Day

Photo: Birthdate Co.
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Valentine's Day is riiiight around the corner, so cue the drugstore chocolate hearts and gimick-y roses. Actually, don't—not that there's anything wrong with those gifts (personally, I will never turn down a box of candy). It's just that this year, we want to give our special someones something with a little more personality. Something that will leave them with a lasting impression for its thoughtfulness and creativity. Something like a made-to-order birth chart book from Birthdate Co., or a personalized birthdate candle scented to capture their spirit.

Now through February 14, you can snag an early Valentine's Day gift that your partner, galentine, or whomever else you're showing some love will *actually* cherish. The fan-favorite candle and astrology brand Birthdate Co. is celebrating love with a sweet deal, offering 20 percent off its line of custom astro-inspired products that'll get here just in time for the holiday. Sorry, carnations and conversation hearts, you'll have to wait until next year, 'cuz these presents are sure to win the hearts of your special someone.

Surely by now you've seen Birthdate Co.'s iconic birthday candles floating around the internet. These candles put the brand on the map, thanks to their spookily accurate character readings, detailed planetary descriptions, and dreamy scents—all tailored to the 365 different birthdays in the year. Now, you can give your valentine a candle specifically made for them—20 percent off the regular price.

Or you can really impress your date by doubling down on the personalization aspect. The Birthdate Book ($76) swept W+G editors off their feet a few years ago with its stunning take on birth charts. These made-to-order books map the stars of the exact moment you (ahem, your valentine) were born, providing 70+ pages of deep horoscope analysis and planetary interpretation that leave readers awestruck with its accuracy. You'll just need to provide information about the recipient's birth date and time (which makes for a great conversation started if you don't know).

Birthdate Co., The Birthdate Book — $74.00

Originally $95, now $76

Just look at this beauty. If you want to impress your date, get their birth chart and give them this book—just use the code “VDAY23” for your discount at check out.

Astrological analysis aside, the book itself is stunning, guaranteed to turns heads on coffee tables, desks, and bookshelves alike. Flick through the pages and you'll find gorgeous illustrations and witchy graphics that make the reading that much more memorable. Layer on the dark, hardcover binding and custom inlay, and you've got yourself a gift that would leave Cupid himself totally lovestruck.

These custom books normally go for $115, however, you can snag one for just $81 when you use the code VDAY23 at checkout. This discount code applies to the brand's entire line, too, like its Mercury retrograde candles and Birthdate Pendant Necklace ($120), both which make equally precious presents lovers are sure to love.

Anyone can get a box of truffles from CVS. But not everyone has a zodiac book customized to their exact birthdate and year, or a candle poured to tickle the astrological senses. Save the chocolates for next year and shop the Birthdate Co. Valentine's Day sale now to give a gift they'll definitely remember. Or do both ;).

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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