These Custom Birthdate Necklaces Are a Stunning Gift for Everyone You Love (Including Yourself)

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Buying jewelry for another person can feel like a Herculean feat. Like fragrance or flowers, jewelry is deeply personal and is often better left chosen by the person wearing it. If you are brave enough to surprise your special someone with a ring or pair of earrings, you'll still shrug and hope for the best.

With the holidays around the corner, you'll be glad to skip the second-guessing with a gorgeous, hyper-personalized necklace they'll adore the moment it's unwrapped. Birthdate Co.'s new custom Birthdate Pendants ($150) make stunning gifts for everyone on your list, because they're literally made for them.

Birthdate Co., The Birthdate Pendant — $149.00

365 different pendants, each emblazoned with, “four stones to tell the story of one special date.”

Once again, Birthdate Co. proves the best presents are personalized. While we still love the iconic Birthdate Candles ($50) and will not shut up about our made-to-order Birth Chart Books, the brand's latest launch is undoubtedly its prettiest and arguably our favorite. Inspired by astrology and numerology, each gold-plated pendant is embedded with four gemstones that represent the exact date you assign it. For the past year, the brand has been working with its team of astrologers to match each date to the gems and crystals that accurately embody the unique characteristics of that day. No two pendants are the same—there are literally 365 custom patterns, curated with different stones, shapes, and placements to match the ~vibe~ of each birthdate. And they're freakin' beautiful.

Photo: Birthdate Co.


To make your gift (or just see what your birthdate shakes out to be), simply plug in the month and date they were born, and presto—Birthdate Co. will drum up a mock, complete with a breakdown of what each stone represents. Like the brand's Birthdate candles, these in-depth descriptions are printed on the necklace's packaging, so recipients can learn more about the significance of each gem and how they tie-in to their birthdate.

Let's walk through an example: Say your friend or family member was born on January 9. The January 9 pendant (below) features a garnet (their birthstone), Taiwan jade ("this stone stimulates the mind and cleanses the body"), pearl (it "honors and balances all that is soft and pure") and padparadscha, which is similar to a pink sapphire (which "calls forth joy and loving creation"). On the back of that pretty pendant is an engraving with the birthdate, corresponding zodiac symbol, and your loved one's initials, making it a one-of-a-kind piece they can cherish forever.

Photo: Birthdate Co.

The dazzling charms each come on a 16-inch gold chain that can be adjusted up to 20 inches. Even more, the stones are all laid by hand by an American family-run caster, making them truly bespoke. (Pro tip: They take 2-3 weeks to make, so if you're ordering one for the holidays, give yourself some lead time.) But the most impressive thing about them, IMHO, is that they make jewelry gifting so simple. They're thoughtful, elegant, and bound to leave your loves ones as starry-eyed as the very stars they were inspired by.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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