Birthdate Co.’s New Tarot Candle Collection Will Be the Go-To Gift of the Season

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I'm not one one to press my luck, but if you're reading this, I would bet dollars to donuts that, by now, you've crossed paths with a Birthdate Co. candle.

Either you've: received one as a gift for your birthday, given one as a gift for a friend or family's birthday, or have at least seen someone else unbox a gifted candle on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok.

Was I right? Because even if you don't know the name Birthdate Co., I bet you'd recognize the candles if you saw one. The brand's signature birthday themed astrology candles have become a go-to for gifting, thanks to their spot-on descriptions, minimalist designs, and personalized scents. If you've already gifted your fair share of birthday candles and are stuck trying to figure out what to gift next, you're in luck—the brand just launched a set of three gorgeous new candles that are equally luxe and more interactive.

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The Tarot Trio ($115) is the newest product from Birthdate Co., swapping out hyper-personalized zodiac signs for a "choose your own adventure" Tarot themed set. Each set includes three candles—one for Past, Present, and Future—that, when lit, produce a Tarot reading.

Birthdate Co., The Tarot Trio — $115.00

Spark up and set intentions for the past, present, and future with this stunning set.

Ajay Mehta, founder of Birthdate Co., tells us that the inspiration for the new product came from the original birthday candles, which feature a blurb on the  corresponding Tarot card for each birthdate. The team found recipients were really drawn to this part of the candle, which sparked the idea for an entire Tarot themed set.

"I think [tarot] is a very beautiful and symbolic, pictorial language...There's something about [Tarot] that captures the modern moment," Mehta says. "Tarot also offers this completely other allegorical language for understanding your life—your present, future, and past—and this kind of new interpretation language felt really exciting for us."

Mehta explains that the Tarot trio is based around a traditional three card draw, which pulls a card for each time period: Past, Present and Future (hence, the three different candles). To perform a reading, you're encouraged to set an intention, or introspect, on a topic you'd like to explore. In each candle lies a single gold charm illustrating a card from the Major Arcana—the 22 cards that represent major life lessons in a traditional Tarot deck. As the candle melts, the charm is revealed (there are tweezers to help you safely extract it from the wax) which helps you reflect on your intention.

"You're going to have the same pull experience as everyone else, but then depending on which cards you pull, and which candles you pull them from, your experience is going to be radically different," Mehta says.

Each trio comes in a stunning hexagonal box that doesn't even need to be wrapped—it's that pretty. The inside is even more gorgeous—pop off the lid and you'll find three moody black candles neatly packaged with a tweezer.

On top, there's a matching booklet, so if you or the person you're gifting it to doesn't have any experience with Tarot, no worries— this guidebook explains everything. From prompts to set your intentions and descriptions of the cards, down to the fragrance profiles (which are thoughtfully formulated to evoke the energy of the Past, Present, and Future), the booklet walks through each step of the ritual so you're guaranteed to get the whole experience.

I'll take another bet—the Tarot Trio is about to be your next go-to gift. Treat your friends, family, and yourself to this one-of-a-kind candle set that promises a personalized experience divined with the strike of a match.

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