This 4-Ingredient, Immune-Boosting Routine Is the Summer Cold’s Worst Enemy

Photo: Instagram/@rachaelsgoodeats
Many people turn to an immune-boosting hack the second they feel like they're starting to get sick. For some, it's adding essential oils to their bath. For others, it's amping up their vitamin C intake. But for one registered nutritionist who really doesn't mess around, it's a four-step routine that's all but guaranteed to get your body back on track.

In her Instagram story, Rachael Devaux, RD, the blogger behind Rachael's Good Eats and co-founder the newly-opened Toast Society, revealed exactly what she takes when her body is stressed: a turmeric shot, a ginger shot, oil of oregano, and black elderberry. "I don’t take these every single day, but with how little of sleep I’ve been getting, I need the immune-boosting effects of all four of these," she says.

The 4-step routine that keeps one registered dietitian from getting sick
Photo: Instagram/@rachaelsgoodeats

So, what exactly will these picks do for your body? A whole lot, so get ready: Both ginger and turmeric shots—which have been used to fight off sickness for centuries—can improve your immune system as well as dominate against inflammation. Then there's black elderberry, which studies have shown can reduce the duration and symptoms of a cold or the flu. Finally, oil of oregano can protect your body from illness, as well help with any stomach troubles you're having.

Basically, if you don't just want to stick with one proven method, do like Devaux and cover all your bases to make a healthy home run with four.

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