If You Want to Score a Peloton by New Years, Consider Now the Best Time to Shop

If you've spent all of 2020 vacillating over the decision whether or not to get a piece of Peloton equipment, now is the perfect time to invest. Though the Black Friday Peloton bike sale isn't happening this year (sad, I know), it's still a great time to score some of the brand's stuff for yourself to get a kickstart on your 2021 fitness routine. Since many of the brand's hottest ticket items—including bikes and treadmills—will take several weeks to be delivered, consider this your opportunity to get your hands on them in time for the new year.

And one deal the brand is offering? If you order a Tread+, you'll get complimentary access to the Peloton app (typically $13 a month) until your equipment is delivered. And though a $2,000 spin bike or $4,000 treadmill is unquestionably a big investment (especially considering it's not on sale), Peloton's financing plan makes owning a Peloton Bike the equivalent of taking just three studio classes a month. #Score.

Whether you're in the market for a cute new workout outfit or an upgraded home gym, scroll through for the Peloton picks worth shopping for yourself (or your favorite person on your gifting list) this holiday season.

1. Peloton Bike Basics, $1,895

There's a reason why the most basic version of the Peloton bike has become such a fan favorite. It comes with a built-in screen (which gives you access to thousands of classes) plus speakers to make it feel like you're riding in a studio. Though this is the simplest spin option Peloton has to offer, it's still one of the best money can buy, even if there's no Black Friday Peloton bike sale to score it on this year.

Shop now: Peloton Bike Basics, $1,895

2. Peloton Bike+ Works, $2,795

The upgraded version of the OG Peloton bike comes with auto-follow resistance and two additional speakers, making it the ultimate at-home spin experience. The "Works" package comes with everything you need to supplement your cycling workout with strength training, including spin shoes, weights, resistance bands, and two mats.

Shop now: Peloton Bike+ Works, $2,795

3. Peloton Tread Basics, $2,495

Now that colder weather is on the horizon (making outdoor runs slightly less appealing), it's the perfect time to invest in a tech-y treadmill for your home. This one comes with a built-in screen for coached runs, which will keep you going mile after mile.

Shop now: Peloton Tread Basics, $2,495

4. Peloton Tread+ Works, $4,665

Photo: Peloton

Amp up your at-home treadmill workout with Peloton's new Tread+, which has a shock-absorbing belt (which gives you 8 inches more running space than the classic Peloton treadmill) and a larger touch screen. The "Works" package comes with a mat, weights, resistance bands, ear buds, a heart-rate monitor, and a water bottle to help you upgrade your workout experience even further.

Shop now: Peloton Tread+ Works, $4,665

5. Peloton Resistance Bands, $69

Give your stregth-training classes a pro-level feel with these resistance bands. They're made with non-slip handles, and you'll get a bundle of light, medium, and heavy bands for only $69.

Shop now: Peloton Resistance Bands, $69

6. Peloton Yoga Blocks, $30

Sick of swapping in a stack of books for yoga blocks? Take this opportunity to invest in the real deal, which will help you stay balanced in any and every modified pose.

Shop now: Peloton Yoga Blocks, $30

7. Peloton Cycling Shoes, $125 

If you're not quite ready to pay big bucks for a Peloton bike, invest in a pair of the brand's spin shoes, instead. Most bikes come with clip-in pedals, which means they're compatible with  many of the $500 options you'll find on Amazon.

Shop now: Peloton Cycling Shoes, $125 

8. Peloton Run Off And Running Tank, $58

Show your Peloton love to the world on all your outdoor (and indoor) runs with this branded tank top, which is made with sweat-wicking technology and fabrics that are so lightweight you'll feel like you're wearing nothing at all.

Shop now: Peloton Run Off And Running Tank, $58

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