Astrologically Speaking, Your Worst Relationship Wasn’t a Vortex—It Was a Black Hole

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Black holes are known for massive gravitational pull so strong that it sucks in everything that gets close to it, including planets and stars. Even light can't escape it. On April 10, when astronomers unveiled the first photograph of one of these insatiable cosmic chasms, the impossible suddenly seemed possible. It is a huge deal, astronomically speaking. But did you know that black holes loom large in the world of astrology as well?

Prior to capturing the new image, "scientists have detected black holes only indirectly, by their signatures, such as a gamma ray burst, supernova or, perhaps, an object on the brink of a black hole’s event horizon," according to The New York Times. "Typically, if tremendous energy is emanating from a massive core at the center of a galaxy, the core is probably a black hole."

In astrology, the magnetic pull of a black hole is recognized for its effect on your life by in terms of good or bad.

"[Black holes] represent total abandon, inescapable conditions, intense focus and personal magnetism or ability to attract; the startling, stunning turn of events in the twinkling of an eye, where old conditions disappear and a new reality is birthed," astrologer Alex Miller, author of The Black Hole Book, writes in

The idea is that, during volatile change, you reach a void state where new inspiration and grace can enter your life. On a slightly darker note, though, black hole energy can also influence your personality (and your sexuality) if the cosmic enigmas pop up in the right places on your birth chart.

"The charisma, charm and appeal of these people runs off the personality charts," astrologer Philip Sedgwick explains on his website. "They do more than woo you on the psychological level. They capture you energetically. Then, they demand your energy. They usurp your essence taking you down into their void."

So, how do you feel about major drama in your love life? You're probably want to steer clear of black hole personalities. With the new deep-space image of a real black hole in hand, there will be an emoji in no time, making it easier to text about that one really bad ex.

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