How To Use True Black Moon Lilith Astrology To Harness Your Power

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The divine feminine archetype of Lilith is well-known in the occult and mystical worlds. In Jewish folklore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife, before Eve. According to the mythology, God created both a man and woman equally from the dust of the Earth. When it came time to procreate, Adam insisted that Lilith lay beneath him, as she was not equal to a man. She refused, defying both Adam and God, and left, never to return. Her story is one of strength and power that has piqued interest in astrology enthusiasts, specifically in its application for True Black Moon Lilith astrology.

Lilith's mission was to speak her truth and own her true power—and when we experience crises, we can find our strength and alchemize limiting beliefs that are not serving us. Profound growth and transformation can emerge from understanding our shadow selves. As an astrologer, I use True Black Moon Lilith astrology to read this divine feminine power.

True Black Moon Lilith is not a planet, but rather the lunar apogee, or the farthest point in space on the moon’s elliptical orbit around the Earth. You can find your Lilith placement using a free online generator like, and from my experience, the true position gives the most accurate information of how Lilith energy manifests in the individual and collective life experience.

Curious what your true Lilith placement says about you? Keep reading to find out, and also get a mantra to help you strengthen that energy.

Here's how to harness your personal power through the true Lilith placement in your birth chart.

Lilith in Aries

Your naturally fierce and independent spirit can feel stifled or squashed by others around you. This can create negative thought patterns about your leadership abilities.

Your Lilith mantra: I am a powerful, intelligent leader. I am accepted and respected by others.

Lilith in Taurus

You either experienced a lack of abundance growing up or too much importance was placed on wealth. This may have created a fear of poverty for you, along with a belief that your self-worth is tied to the material.

Your Lilith mantra: Abundance is a mind-set. I do not let fear and my past control me. I am worthy of love and truth.

Lilith in Gemini

You have incredible ideas, but you tend to keep them to yourself due to negative reactions you receive from others. You may have felt ridiculed in the past for speaking, or just didn’t feel heard.

Your Lilith mantra: I am seen, heard, and accepted. The more I speak my truth, the easier it will become. I don’t absorb other people’s opinions of me.

Lilith in Cancer

You need to nurture and feel nurtured, but you may not have received this when you were young. Your inner child could create similar instances where you seek this from outside sources.

Your Lilith mantra: I practice self care. I give myself the nurturing and love I need on a daily basis. Through this, I will attract people in my life who will naturally radiate this back to me.

Lilith in Leo

You are a creative, playful, and fun soul, but you may have had to grow up fast or this wasn’t accepted. Embrace your inner child and let them know it’s okay to come out and play.

Your Lilith mantra: I was put on this Earth to shine and create. Only I know my life’s mission, and I will express myself authentically.

Lilith in Virgo

You may have had a need for perfection instilled in you, and this could have carried over into adulthood. You could place unrealistic expectations on yourself and others.

Your Lilith mantra: I love myself, and I am letting go of the shame response to be perfect. My unique essence and aura are beautiful, just as they are.

Lilith in Libra

You tend to attract power struggles in relationships, as this is something you may have witnessed in your family dynamic early on in life. The key is honoring your own power in order to change this pattern in your life.

Your Lilith mantra: I know how powerful I am as an individual. This allows me to balance the scales harmoniously in my relationships.

Lilith in Scorpio

The power of your sexuality is strong, but you have felt ashamed of this as a result of certain challenging events in your life. This can leave you feeling closed off and uninspired when it comes to intimacy.

Your Lilith mantra: I release what has occurred in the past. I am divinely protected and guided. My power connects me with a higher source, and I feel safe to express myself.

Lilith in Sagittarius

Your beliefs may be too “out there” for others, or you may champion causes that are not widely accepted. Listening to others while honoring your opinion is key.

Your Lilith mantra: What is popular is not always right. I have trust and faith in the universe. I openly listen to others, but also weigh the facts and stay strong in my truth.

Lilith in Capricorn

This is a placement where social status, power, and prestige are important. You may not have understood how to wield this natural ability early on in life and felt this energy was rejected by others.

Your Lilith mantra: The time has come for me to not only own my true power but use it to uplift and empower others. I am the ruler of my reality.

Lilith in Aquarius

Your unique personality, individual thought and quirkiness may have been seen as over-the-top in the past. As a result, you may have assimilated with those around you. This can lead to feelings of fulfillment.

Your Lilith mantra: I will let my inventive spirit and unconventional thoughts come through unapologetically. Even though I may be ahead of my time, I will make my unique mark on this world.

Lilith in Pisces

Pisces marks the end of the zodiac wheel and is a place where karma can build and accumulate. You may have felt responsible for pain that was not yours. The tendency to escape reality and dissolve with the world around you can occur.

Your Lilith mantra: I tap into my opposite polarity to stay grounded in reality, but I know my dreams and visions are valid. I channel my subconscious vision and use it to positively create my reality.

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