‘Here’s What I’m Buying From a Black-Owned Brand All Year Long’

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Photo: Getty Images / Emilija Manevska
One of the best ways to support the Black community is with your money. During our most recent Well+Good TALK, Nicole Cardoza, founder of Yoga Foster and Reclamation Ventures, said one way to do that is to commit to shop even just one thing from Black-owned brands for the rest of the year.

"Choose something that you just bought recently—a pair of pants, lipstick," said Cardoza. "Commit to buying that from a Black-owned company for the rest of the year." 

The is no shortage of Black-owned brands and businesses to choose from, so making this commitment is pretty easy. While you may have to forego the convenience of Amazon Prime, you'll know that your purchase directly supports a community that has historically been economically disenfranchised. Here at Well+Good, a number of staffers and some of our favorite collaborators have decided to make this commitment. Here's what we're buying.

Black-owned brands to shop through 2020 and beyond

1. Bath and body products

Zandra Beauty Lemon Teat Tree Body Scrub, Black-owned brands to shop
Photo: Zandra Beauty

When considering my own choice, I think about how the tub and shower are my happy place and I love making each experience as luxurious as possible. And as a human who lives in a Black body, I've found comfort in the idea of nourishing my melanated skin with products from Black-owned businesses. I've always loved the products by Zandra Beauty, founded by a fellow Buffalonian when she was just 9 years old! All of her products are made from natural ingredients. The Lemon Tea Tree Sugar Scrub ($8) is to die for. I'm also excited to try out products from brands like Herpothecary, Organic Bath Co., and Beneath Your Mask.

2. Swimwear

Fe Noel Rust Sunset Swimsuit
Photo: Fe Noel

Kate Spies, senior vice president of content and growth at Well+Good, has committed to exclusively buying from Black-owned brands through the end of August. Through 2020, the Australian native plans to commit to purchasing Black-owned "cossies," or swimwear. She fell in love with the pieces by Fe Noel, a Brooklyn-based designer. "I want to throw out my whole wardrobe and replace it with all of her breezy summer pieces... but I have started with a cute pair of cossies," she says. She also loves the suits from Jade Swim along with the sunglasses from Coco and Breezy. "Coco and Breezy always have incredible shapes, colors, and textures, and I basically want every single pair," says Spies. "As you can see, some styles are sold out, so I'm clearly not the only person who digs this cool brand."

3. Makeup

Coloured Raine Liquid Lipstick, Black-owned brands to shop
Photo: Coloured Raine

"About a month into quarantine, I loaded up on some Zoom-friendly makeup products from a brand founded by a white woman," says Abbey Stone, executive editor at Well+Good. "Putting Nicole Cardoza's tip into action, I'll be buying makeup only from Black-owned brands for the rest of the year. First up, this liquid lipstick ($17) from Coloured Raine that I just had to have after Marie Claire digital beauty editor Maya Alena Allen posted a photo wearing it to Instagram."

4. Candles

A'ni & Co.
Photo: A'ni & Co.

"Candles have always been a big part of my routine either for self-care, setting a vibe, or just to change the smell," says Brigitte Zeitlin, MPH, RD, owner of BZ Nutrition. "And I had recently purchased one, so it immediately came to mind. I did a little research and found a bunch of really cool, new-to-me, Black-owned candle brands, so choosing candles also gave me a way to try out and sample and support a variety of Black-owned companies and have fun finding new scents while I’m at it. I have started an evening ritual of lighting a candle as soon as my workday is done to help transition from work-mode to relaxation mode. Candles burn out quickly over here, so making candle-purchasing a supportive action that I would be able to start doing immediately and often." Consider shopping candles from Black-owned brands like Torch, Marie Hunter Beauty, A'ni & Co., and Harlem Candle Company.

5. Tea

Brooklyn Tea, Black-owned brands to shop
Photo: Brooklyn Tea

"On one of the Well+Good Retreats, Sophia Roe told me that she held a daily ritual of drinking Earl Grey tea with a dollop of oat milk in it, and ever since I've been hooked," says Ali Finney, beauty and fitness director at Well+Good. "I like Earl Grey because it helps to activate autophagy—your body's cellular waste management system—and it gives you just enough of a jolt of energy. Today, I placed an order from Brooklyn Tea company, a Black-owned brand with an incredibly extensive assortment of beautiful teas, including a lavender-spiked Earl Grey that I can't wait to try now and for the days to come."

6. Lemonade

Me & the Bees Lemonade
Photo: Me & The Bees Lemonade

"One of my favorite Black-owned businesses is Me & The Bees Lemonade. The company was founded by a young girl named Mikaila," says Andrea Mathis, MA, RD, creator of Beautiful Eats & Things. "She used her great-grandmother's lemonade recipe to create an amazing business that has become very popular! I love that she uses natural honey in her recipes, instead of just complete sugar. She recently came out with a lip balm line ($15) that I love. Mikaila also gives a portion of her profits to organizations that work to save bees. I will definitely continue to support her business."

7. Hair masks

Briogeo's Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask, Black-owned brands to shop
Photo: Briogeo

"I bought Briogeo's Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask ($36) at the start of quarantine and it fully changed my hair," says Celine Cortes, audience development manager at Well+Good. "I normally get a conditioning mask when I get my hair trimmed at the salon one to two times a year, so having this in my shower whenever I want has done wonders for my hair. I also suffered from split ends and heat damage and this mask has made my hair silky smooth. There's a reason why this product is raved about. I'm definitely committed to buying this from here on out and will be trying their other hair-care products!"

8. Home decor

Ecovibe Fiberglass Terrazzo Side Table in White
Photo: Ecovibe

"I'm moving later this year and planning to devote a big chunk of my budget to furnishing my new home," says Erin Magner, west coast contributor at Well+Good. "With that in mind, I'm committing to buying only from Black-owned home decor brands. At the top of my wish list: A set of candy-colored wine glasses from Estelle Colored Glass. Big thanks to interior designer Candace Mary Griffin for tipping me off to this incredible company! I'm also loving the zero-VOC wall paint from Clare, the terrazzo side tables from Ecovibe, and the pom-pom blankets from Soukie Modern."

9. Books

Black-owned brands to shop
Photo: Getty Images / David Madison

"I have always prided myself on going to indie bookstores as a former employee of one, but that habit has been a bit harder to maintain during quarantine," says Jessie Van Amburg, senior food and health editor at Well+Good. "I’m renewing my efforts and want every hard copy book I buy the rest of the year to be from a Black-owned bookstore—even if it means driving a bit farther or ordering online directly from them."

10. Jewelry

Nirvana Wild Eye of Horus Necklace
Photo: Nirvana Wild

"I’m a jewelry fanatic. This year, I’m committing to only purchase it from Black-owned jewelry boutiques," says Rachel Lapidos, beauty and fitness editor at Well+Good. "It’s something that I randomly treat myself to, and I want to make sure my money is supporting brands that have previously been overshadowed by white-run businesses. There are *so* many amazing shops I’ve found, including Nirvana Wild, Aba Jewels, and Stella & Haas."

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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