4 Black-Owned Yoga Mat Brands To Enhance Your Practice

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Yoga does the mind and body good, helping you calm your thoughts, be more present, and loosen up your muscles—not to mention it's a great complement to any training modality. But chances are it may feel like you've streamed all of the online yoga classes, leaving you in a rut or feeling bored or uninspired with your practice. One thing you can do if you're feeling this way is to switch up your routine and add some creativity to your yoga practice with a new mat. With each mat comes a different yoga experience. Ahead are four Black-owned yoga mat brands that will support you in creating a new, refreshed yoga practice.

The Best Black-Owned Yoga Mat Brands

3kwan So Travel Yoga Mat, $58


This sustainable, handwoven fabric mat is perfect for anyone on the go. Whether you’re going for a quick, socially distanced yoga practice meet up with a friend or creating a meditation corner in your apartment, this is the mat for you. It folds easily into a bag and the intentions on the mat will inspire gratitude throughout your day. Fun fact: This mat is independently sourced by Isa Konga, founder of Yoga Konga, whose mission is to amplify the voices in Kemetic Yoga.

Shop now: 3kwan So Travel Yoga Mat, $80

Toned by Baggedem, $80

Toned by BaggedEm In My ZenYoga Mat

If you’re looking for some #BlackGirlMagic inspiration while you’re flowing then you must practice with Toned by Baggedem. Representation is everything these days and the illustrations on the mat celebrate diversity in wellness. The mat is eco-friendly and made from suede and 100-percent natural rubber to prevent slipping and sliding when doing a heated flow. Roll out your mat with a little inspiration and get flowing.

Shop now: Toned by Baggedem, $80

Zentric Flo, $90

Zentric Flo Chakra Bae Yoga Mat

Zentric Flo centers around creating a “vibe” for your yoga practice. This mat is particularly inspiring because it’s infused with creating rituals that sustain your yoga practice. Whether it’s their added candles, crystals, or sage sticks, you're inspired to create an experience that further enriches your yoga practice. The Afrocentric designs are catchy to the eye and made from cork and natural rubber. This mat is easy to clean and perfect for the days when you want to add some intention and fire to your flow.

Shop now: Zentric Flo, $90

Flex-n-Fly, $65

flex-n-fly yoga mat

This thin, microfiber mat works well for meditation or restorative flows. The quote imprinted on the mat states, “Right now you’re investing in yourself,”  and is a reminder to stay centered on what’s important. The affirmation is also intended to ground your practice in positivity and, of course, that starts with you. If you want a mat that's lightweight, simple, and easy to clean, this is for you.

Shop now: Flex-n-Fly, $65

Now is the time to get creative with your yoga practice. Some days you may feel like meeting yourself on the mat for 20 minutes while other days it may be 60. Whether it is a slow flow or turning up the heat, diversify your yoga practice with your mat. Your yoga practice begins and ends with your foundation.

Loosen up your muscles and improve your flexibility with this 30-minute yoga flow: 

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