I’m a Trainer, and This Is the Best Mini Resistance Band I’ve Ever Used

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As a trainer, I'm never without a resistance band. I like to use them during warm-ups for activation exercises like clamshells, lateral walks, and reverse planks, and I often incorporate them into workouts to up the intensity. But what I don't like about resistance bands, and what my clients often complain about, is the fact that they never stay put and always roll up, which is uncomfortable and annoying. I've tried countless resistance bands that claim not to roll up or irritate the skin, but they've never lived up to my standards. That is, until I found the Blackroll Exercise Fitness Band, $16.

What I like about this mini resistance band is that it's made from a stretchy fabric instead of latex, which, in my opinion, lasts much longer than rubber options; it feels a lot more comfortable on the skin, and most importantly, it doesn't roll up. I also like that these bands aren't too thick or too loose, which helps to keep the band in place, especially for lower-body exercises, and it doesn't feel like your circulation is being cut off. Another reason I prefer this band over latex ones is that once it begins to get sweaty or dirty, I can simply throw it in the washing machine and it comes out looking brand new.

The Blackroll bands come in six different resistance levels, which is great because you can change up the band depending on the type of movement you're doing, and they can be used for all types of exercises and stretching from upper-body moves to hamstring stretches—the options are endless!

If you like to train with resistance bands but don't like the fact that they stretch out, roll up, or irritate your skin, I highly recommend the Blackroll band. It's so good, you'll find ways to incorporate it into every aspect of your workout from the warmup to the cooldown.

Break-in your resistance band with this full-body workout: 

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