Why Bloating Positivity Is Taking Over Instagram

Sometimes, a bout of bloat is totally worth it, like when you feast on nachos topped with gooey cheese after craving it all week. Other times, it's completely unexpected. (Exhibit A: when your salad makes your stomach balloon.) But whatever the case, it's always unwanted.

While knowing which foods can bring a bit more balance and even which essential oils could help is useful, wellness influencers are vocalizing that maybe, just maybe, it’s time to embrace the bloat. It's exactly what Lee Tilghman told her 300,000 followers, putting her belly bloat on full display with an Insta post, sharing her struggles with body image and confidence because of her constant bloating. Tilghman admits the culprit was pizza (we’ve all been there), but instead of feeling embarrassed, ashamed or frustrated, Tilghman has put those feelings behind her and openly embraces the bloat, capping off her post with #bloatisbeautiful.

Lee Tilghman bloat post
Photo: Instagram/@leefromamerica

"I choose to go on with my day, giving myself everything I need: the space, grace, and love to feel whatever I need to feel. I am equipped with the knowledge that it won’t last forever and also, its kinda cute. #bloatisbeautiful"

She's not the only one embracing bloating. Sweet Potato Soul's Jenne Claiborne shared a photo saying she was letting her bloated belly hang loose. "The reality [of being vegan] includes days when I'm super bloated, uninspired, and overwhelmed," she says. How's that for a dose of realism? 

Michelle Bishop from the fitness program, The Ladies Edge, shared her message live on Facebook, telling her followers that feeling bloated is usually a result of a good time and no one should feel guilty for that.

"I want to encourage you to know that the bloat is beautiful.” —Michelle Bishop, The Ladies Edge

The actress behind the infamous inmate Taystee on Orange is the New Black, Danielle Brooks  has shared about her personal experience modeling in a Lane Bryant lingerie shoot for a national campaign and how she learned to overcome her bloat insecurity and love her body just the way it is.

Danielle Brooks Instagram
Photo: Instagram/@daniebb3

"I love the shots now and I hope that other women find the strength to love their body at whatever stage it's at—even when they're feeling their most bloated." —Danielle Brooks

So before you look down and start cursing the expansion happening within your belly, remember that being bloated from time to time is normal, so you might as well embrace it. Now, who wants some nachos?

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