Blue Apron Is Getting a Menu Makeover Inspired by Airbnb

Photo: Stocksy/Darren Muir
Tasting the local cuisine is one of the biggest perks to traveling somewhere new. Mealtime pretty much always dominates the daily schedule, whether you're a foodie or not. Even if you make a mean gluten-free vegan pizza, there's nothing like real Italian pizza and red wine. And even if you love cauli-fried rice, it's hard to compete with authentic Japanese stir fry. While making an exotic dish at home is definitely not the same thing as experiencing it abroad, Blue Apron is attempting to give customers a way to think outside the meal delivery box by partnering with Airbnb.

Expect to see far-flung specialties—from Paris, Florence, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Shanghai, and more—if you're a Blue Apron subscriber. The six-week recipe program (running from April 16 to May 21) comes from local culinary experts in each of the cities, who all also offer up their homes on Airbnb. (Imagine the kitchens!)

Okay, so it doesn't exactly compare with being transported to a new glamorous city, but it could shake up your typical go-to dinner routine. Mexico City Monday, anyone?

Here are some handy 15-minute dinner recipes for when you don't have time to whip up a whole exotic spread. And if you are traveling, here's what to eat to keep your gut balanced.

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