6 *Juicy* Tips for Success, Straight From Blueprint’s #bossbabe Founders

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The pioneering entrepreneurs behind BluePrint are back on the wellness scene—but now, instead of drinking in the goodness, you can just pop on some headphones to enjoy the life-boosting benefits. Yep, Erica Huss and Zoë Sakoutis—who in 2007 helped to kick-start the cold-pressed juice obsession with the company they later sold—are teaming back up, but this time to bring you juicy tips for career advice in the form of a podcast.

Highway to Well features discussions between Huss, Sakoutis and other entrepreneurs, wellness experts, industry trailblazers, and health-focused influencers. Hannah Bronfman, for example, discusses the ups and downs of social media, and the co-founders of Sakara Life discuss the benefits of having a work wife (there are many!) and starting a business with your BFF. Well+Good's very own co-founder Melisse Gelula makes an appearance as well.

In conjunction with the podcast launch, Huss and Sakoutis share some of their best, exclusive tips so other girl bosses can get out there and make their dreams come true, too—all while staying healthy in the process, of course.

Check out 6 juicy tips Erica Huss and Zoë Sakoutis' have for new entrepreneurs.

1. Self-care is critical

Everyone needs to make time for self-care, but especially entrepreneurs. When you're working that hard, you need all the fire and passion you can get—which doesn't mix well with being chronically tired. "When work and life is a roller coaster, that's when it feels hardest to take care of your own needs, but that's also when you need it the most," Huss says. "Finding the best ways to eat, exercise, sleep, and rest are essential to keeping yourself on track. If you have to schedule it at the expense of something else, do it—whatever it is can definitely wait."

2. Stay focused on your own path, not on what a competitor is doing

When you're running your own business, you might feel the need to keep constant tabs on your competitors and try to get ahead. But resist the urge, because it'll only hold you back.

"'Her success is not your failure' are words to live by." — Zoë Sakoutis

"It's not all a competition. If anything, you can learn something from them. Just don't make your learning experience about what you're doing wrong. 'Her success is not your failure' are words to live by," Sakoutis says.

3. In a crisis, try to keep things in perspective

In the moment, something that's no big deal might feel like the end of the world. (Need proof? Just think back to middle-school breakups.) According to Huss, that's exactly why it's key to keep things in perspective and work through issues with a level head. "How significant will this problem be in five days, five months, or five years?" she says you should ask yourself.

4. Know that everyone endures struggles

Seeing super-successful people snagging even more more wins can be tough—especially when you're just starting out. One thing to remember, though? While everything might look peachy from the outside, everyone deals with their own struggles along the way. "It's important to keep in mind that even the giant successful companies that are crushing it, and the people behind them, have all had their own share of failures—you'll just never hear about them," Sakoutis says.

5. Don't be afraid of change

It's good to keep an open mind when you run a business. Sometimes when one thing isn't quite working, something else will—and when you're not afraid of that change, it could lead to something amazing.

"Sometimes what you think is the finished product is just the rough draft, so stay open to letting that be a possibility." —Erica Huss

"The idea of 'pivoting' gets a bad rap as a red flag for a business, but it's okay to let products and ideas evolve," Huss says. "Many successful businesses began with a totally different product. Sometimes what you think is the finished product is just the rough draft, so stay open to letting that be a possibility."

6. It's never too late to try something new

As you grow, so do your goals, outlook on life, and what you find important. So, stay open to switching things up. "Don't get stuck feeling like once you're on a given career path, that's where you have to stay," Sakoutis says. "Everyone has the ability and the right to seek out something new.  Hey, you can even have a juice company and then have a podcast...."

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