Everyone Has a Bob and We Have Deep FOMO

Photo: Getty Images/Rich Fury
There's nothing like a fresh chop. When temperatures are high, the last thing you want is your hair preventing a cool breeze from grazing your neck. Equally important is having a haircut that avoids the whole getting-caught-in-your-scarf dilemma in the colder seasons. What does this mean? It's prime time for getting a seasonal cut—particularly one that transitions nicely between hot and cool weather, as coat and snood season rears its head.

It's also why it's particularly perfect timing for the bob (you know, the OG mid-length hair cut) to yet again make its appearance, which happens to be on the heads of Hollywood A-listers everywhere. Case in point, you'll find the ultra-versatile cut on Kim Kardashian West who rocks a super-sleek rendition, Rihanna, who's got a layered, face-framing version, and Jenna Dewan, who owns a piecey short 'do on the cover of Women's Health for September. Different from its longer sister, the lob, the bob roughly gazes the collarbones, making it perfect for when you want a refresh on your grown out locks.

The best part is that the chic cut works well whether you choose to style it up or let it air dry. You can spritz in a sea salt spray for tousled strands that do their own thing or don it ultra-straight à la Kim. Plus, with winter coming, it's also convenient: The short hairstyle won't do that annoying thing where it gets caught in your jackets or matted down when you sport a hat—and it goes well with an on-trend French girl beret. Also let's be real: What's cuter than a super itty-bitty ponytail?

Originally posted July 30, 2018, updated November 6, 2018. 

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