The Skin-Care Step Bobbi Brown Skips for a Perfect Smokey Eye

Bobbi Brown shares skin-care hacks, makeup secrets, and beauty tips. Watch the video.

The name Bobbi Brown is synonymous with style. And for good reason, of course. The entrepreneur and beauty mogul ran the eponymous cosmetics company for more than two decades. Now she's dominating the wellness world with a line of ingestibles.

Brown's unrivaled beauty know-how isn't showing any signs of fading. In Well+Good's latest episode of The Avocado Show, she shares skin-care hacks, makeup secrets, productivity tricks, and beauty tips she holds close to the vest. And although she's painted the faces of so many celebrities (even former First Lady Michelle Obama), just one ever managed to make her feel starstruck. (Hint: He's been a heartthrob for decades.)

Watch the video in its entirety to learn Brown's best makeup tips, which include skipping a pretty fundamental skin-care step in order to achieve a perfect smokey eye. It's a genius trick that saves time and eliminates the need for a skill that only makeup artists seem to have mastered.

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