Bobbi Brown Uses a Potato Mitt to Exfoliate Her Legs

Photo: Getty Images/Paul Morigi

Bobbi Brown's name is pretty much synonymous with makeup and beauty. So when, at the Well+Good TALKS at The Assemblage last week, I learned that Brown's skin-care regimen basically comes from the kitchen, I was shook.

If you can imagine a shower and bathroom lined with pantry staples and vats of oils, that's essentially what hers looks like. The beauty-turned-wellness mogul, who discussed the topic of inner beauty at the panel, treats everything from her head down to her toes with basic kitchen essentials (which makes it really easy to copy her).

First up: Exfoliation. "If you put moisturizer on without exfoliating, you're not really moisturizing," says Brown. "One of my favorite exfoliating things for your body is one of those mitts they sell [to scrub] potatoes with. I keep it in my bathroom and use it for the skin on my legs—it's really gentle." Um, genius. Of course, she made sure to specify to skip sensitive areas like to face with the mitt and to only use it on sturdy skin. If you're looking for a more tried-and-true option, Brown's got that, too: "I use sea salt and sugar in my bathroom as an exfoliant too," she says.

Out of the tub, once all the dead skin has been removed, she then turns her attention to moisturizing her skin. "When my skin's dry, I'll either put some olive oil on it or coconut oil," says Brown. "It makes a huge difference—I don't use a moisturizer." Although some skin types don't mesh well with coconut oil, it can work hydrating wonders for some, and Brown notes that she prefers the virgin kind because it "smells like vacation."

Another skin-nourishing fave? Apricot oil. "I just discovered [it]," says Brown. "I love it—I buy it for 7 dollars at Whole Foods and it just stays on your skin. It's really amazing." Welp, this brings a whole new meaning to you are what you eat.

Thanks to these rockstar brands for supplying the goodie bags at the Well+Good TALKS event: Bobbi Brown’s Beauty from the Inside Out; Sunda y Forever; Pearl Plus; The Beauty Chef; Aquarian Soul; Intelligent Change; Anima Mundi Herbals; Roots+Blooms; Province Apothecary; Herbivore Botanicals.

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