Exclusive: Bounce Back Into Your Fitness Routine With This 5-Minute Trampoline Workout From Body by Simone

On the list of golden childhood memories, that feeling of air time from bouncing on a trampoline ranks right up there. Remember those behemoth ones that basically took up entire backyards? Yeah, they were great. Granted, while you and your friends took turns launching each other into the sky, chances are you weren't considering what an effective workout you were getting. But rebounding exercises are actually a great way to get in a high-intensity, low-impact cardio session.

Among their devotees is Simone de la Rue, founder of Body by Simone, who swears by the mini versions as a means of taking the tedium out of toning your tush (and every other body part, for that matter). To accomplish this, the celebrity trainer crafts dynamic cardio workouts that offer the energetic release of a dance class, but are designed to give clients—like Reese Witherspoon and Rosie Huntington-Whitely—the same physical results typically promised by more function-forward (read: less fun) fitness practices.

"It's an incredible core workout because you’re having to use your core to stabilize you the entire time."

"It's an incredible core workout because you’re having to use your core to stabilize you the entire time, so you don’t fall off the trampoline," says de la Rue, who recently launched a new at-home trampoline workout, Body by Simone: Trampoline Cardio. (Think of it like interval training but with dance cardio bursts on a trampoline.) "And it actually requires your full body, including the largest muscle groups, so it’s going to kick the heart rate up."

While the dance-bounce concept may sound complicated—requiring top-notch dance skills, as well as crazy good coordination—don't worry. Unlike old school versions, the JumpSport trampolines de la Rue designs her routines around have zero springs and make you "feel like you're in quicksand," she says.

Because of this, the Revenge Body trainer recommends capping your bounce time to twice per week. They're "quad heavy," she says. Ready to add some, ahem, spring to your step? Look no further: de la Rue has created an exclusive, 5-minute version of her new video for Well+Good, which is short enough that you can do it as often as you'd like. Don't have a trampoline? No problem—de la Rue says you can actually enjoy with or without one.

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