7 Body Pillows That Ensure You’ll Never Feel Like You’re Sleeping Alone

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Ever had a restless night, spent tossing and turning, just wishing you had someone to curl up next to you? Or, alternately, have you ever had a different kind of restless night, wishing the person next to you would stop tossing and turning? It's hard finding the perfect slumber companion, but body support pillows can provide the snuggly softness of a human and, if need be, function as a barrier between you and the soft human next to you who's keeping you up all night. And hey, it's cheaper than investing in a new mattress.

"Body pillows can help people side sleep in a comfortable manner that supports optimal spinal alignment," says Nate Watson, MD, co-director of the University of Washington Medicine Sleep Center and SleepScore Labs advisor"This can be important, particularly in people with supine sleep-dependent sleep disordered breathing, where side-sleeping resolves the problem. This is called 'positional therapy' and is a low cost, effective way to control obstructive sleep apnea in some individuals. Longer pillows are better, but firmness is a personal preference."

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And because you might want something cloud-soft or shaped like a cat (it's a pandemic—we take whatever comfort is available), we rounded up seven different body-support pillows that'll help you sleep soundly.

1. Snuggle-pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Full-Size Body Pillow, $70

The micro-vented Kool-Flow cover (woven with 43 percent viscose of bamboo for breathability) promises to keep you cool all night, which, IMO, is way better than the experience of curling up with a human partner and waking up with night sweats. The memory foam, meanwhile, molds to each contour of your body, offering support rather than errant elbows.

Shop Now: Snuggle-pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Full-Size Body Pillow, $70

2. Leachco Snoogle Chic Jersey Total Body Pillow, $65

This C-shaped body pillow is designed for better sleeping during pregnancy. (Sleeping on your side is a recommended position for the baby, making the body support pillow extra welcome). And if you're not pregnant, rest assured that you can still throw this between your legs and feel super-secure every night.

Shop Now: Leachco Snoogle Chic Jersey Total Body Pillow, $65

3. Bear Hug Body Pillow, $90

Do you feel like you're seriously lacking on bear hugs during quarantine? Well, hibernate with this big guy, and you'll be cuddle-rich and ready to sleep through the winter. If this Grizzly isn't your thing, Plow & Hearth puts out other animal companions, such as dogs, cows, and (be still my heart!) spotted baby fawns.

Shop Now: Bear Hug Body Pillow, $90

4. Stargazer Plush Body Pillow, $49

Or, if you're not much of an animal person but still want a case of the warm fuzzies, these furry body support pillows, which come in four colors, might make good bedtime allies.

Photo: Stargazer Plush Body Pillow, $49

5. Sleeping Bean 100% Organic and Kapok, $100

This slim, extra-long body pillow can be cuddled lengthwise, or curled around your body. It's whatever you want—at five-and-a-half feet, there's plenty of pillow to play with.

Shop Now: Sleeping Bean 100% Organic and Kapok, $100

6. Aslion Cute Plush Cat Doll, $43

If "cutesy" is your M.O., you might want to crawl into bed with this extra-long cat body pillow. At a little under 3 feet, its soft body that can be molded around you however you want.

Shop Now: Aslion Cute Plush Cat Doll, $43

7. Side Sleeper Body Pillow with Contoured Support, $39

This particular body pillow has got your back if you've been experiencing sleep-related aches and pains. And there's even a little detail that considers your comfort: a cooling ear pocket to eliminate any friction. At just over a foot long, this firm option might be the most travel-friendly of all the body support pillows.

Shop Now: Side Sleeper Body Pillow with Contoured Support, $39

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