The Genius Beauty Hack for Getting Super-Bold Brows in Under 30 Seconds

Strong brows are the beauty trend that won't quit—and for good reason. The bold effect anchors your whole look, and makes your eyes pop.

The good news? You don't need a whole arsenal of products to achieve it—just a trusty pencil and this one smart hack from New York Pilates co-founder Heather Andersen.

Here's the key: aloe vera gel, which Andersen combines with an oil (full details in the video above) to create the ultimate brow gel. (The concoction doubles as her moisturizer all year long, too.)

The good news? You don't need a whole arsenal of products to achieve it.

Once the Pilates guru hydrates her skin, she brushes her brows up (helping to set them in position with all the dewy moisturizer), and fills in color with a brow pencil. And of course, she's got a unique application method for that, too—which you can learn (and test out immediately) in the video.

"I like to joke that anything you have a lot of, that's what you should feature," says Andersen—although with her tips, even the less-endowed in the brow department can add megawatt definition.

Watch how Andersen achieves major power-brow goals, then scroll down to shop the products you need to pull off the look.

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