Bonne Maman’s Beloved 2021 Advent Calendar Is Here—And Bound To Sell Out Quickly

Photo: Bonne Maman
Can you believe it's almost holiday season? (Christmas is in 102 days as of publication—we're not trying to stress you out or anything.) Even though it's not even technically fall, holiday trees are getting dusted off as we speak, and seasonal lights and decor are already getting set up in big retailers. For those hoping to get a head start on their Christmas prep (and spirit), we just want you to know that the Bonne Maman Advent Calendar is back. Yup, the coveted jam set many of us look forward to all year long is already up for sale (as of last month), but will likely sell out.

Bonne Maman New 2021 Limited Edition Advent Calendar — $35.00

Enjoy the holidays with this jammy advent calendar that features a collection of 24 Bonne Maman flavors for you to try.

So, don't panic. But if you want to get your hands on this advent calendar, you might want to do it now, since the company only makes a limited quantity every year. If you do order now, you can get your calendar in a couple days (thanks to Amazon Prime).

In case you didn't know, the calendar is so much more than a just countdown to Christmas. No, really—it's an entire experience. Behind each little door is a deliciously sweet and unique Bonne Maman flavor for you and your family to enjoy every morning. This year, the 2021 calendar features 24 unique flavors including hibiscus flower, sweet orange, wild blueberry with lemon balm and a few special edition holiday flavors. FYI, each jar is big enough for two servings and packed with everything good and sweet inside.

Like we said, due to its popularity, the calendar has a history of selling out long before the 24-day lead-up to Christmas (you also definitely don't have to buy this to celebrate the countdown to Christmas—you can purchase it to simply enjoy these scrumptious jams).

The calendar itself is a picture of a snowy Christmas-y village. To get to the jam, just look closely for the small numbered doors, open and enjoy. Although the calendar is super interactive and creative, it's the history and homemade taste of the flavors that ultimately keep fans coming back. The brand prides itself on using simple and natural ingredients to create a homemade taste and a variety of unique preserves, jellies, spreads and much more, which is keeping in line with their small-town French roots.

For those unable to get their hands on the calendar, you can still create your own Christmas magic and taste of some of the brand's signature flavors in this eight-pack of Bonne Maman preserves. The pack includes strawberry, raspberry in honey strawberry, apricot, raspberry, orange, cherry, honey, grape and blueberry.

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