How to Be Productive at Work (All Day) Without That Post-Lunch Cup of Coffee

If you think you're the only one wishing you could take a nap at your desk a couple hours after you've finished lunch, take a look around. See all the stifled yawns and sleepy eyes?

The tricky part about inviting your co-workers on an afternoon coffee run is that if you opt for another cup of joe too late in the afternoon, you might not be able to settle down once you are ready to snooze (i.e. in your bed, not at your desk).

What you need when the 3 p.m. fatigue hits is an energy booster that strikes a balance between nodding off and bouncing off the walls, like Liquid I.V. Energy Multiplier. Made with matcha and guayusa, it contains the same amount of caffeine as one to to two cups of coffee, but you'll feel a steady flow of energy and productivity without java's trademark crash.

"So many people are burned out from coffee’s spikes and crashes and the need to keep drinking it throughout the day," says Brandin Cohen, CEO and founder of Liquid I.V. "We were really excited about making an alternative way to get the energy most people crave that would also feel good to the body." Energy that's actually sustainable? Okay, 2020, we see you.

Scroll down to learn how you can boost energy levels all day—without overloading on coffee.

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Natural sources of caffeine

Every latte's BFF, matcha is touted as a healthier alternative to coffee for good reason. "Matcha is made from the powder of young green tea leaves, so it’s packed with nutrients," Cohen says. "Because it's condensed into powder form, it contains more caffeine than your average green tea, and also contains L-theanine, which helps provide stable, clean energy throughout the day with no crash." Who's shaking their heads at matcha-loving millennials now?

Also packed with L-theanine, guayusa distributes a smooth, even energy as opposed to the rollercoaster effect of a coffee-induced high one second and a snooze-fest the next.

"Guayusa is a really powerful, but lesser-known plant from Ecuador that packs a clean energy punch," Cohen says. "Combined with matcha, it provides a significant boost. Our community is loving it.” Plus, guayusa has a higher caffeine content than black tea, but lower than a strong cup of joe, meaning the energy boost is just right.

It's absorbed quickly

The natural caffeine ingredients are one part of the equation of feeling more energized. The other? Cellular Transport Technology (CTT®). Like in its hydration and sleep products, Liquid I.V. employs CTT® to expedite these ingredients into your bloodstream, so your productivity kicks in quicker, according to Cohen.

When you should take it

Here's some extra good news: You should feel free to take Energy Multiplier every day and any day you want—just not right before you hit the sheets, Cohen says. "Use it in the mornings before you start work to kill it in your meetings, use it before leg day when you really want to fuel up, or use it when the afternoon slump sets in." (Warning: your co-workers might get jealous over your newfound pep in your step.)

With just one pour, stir, and sip, your afternoons won't be dedicated to keeping yourself awake, so you can actually focus on the stuff that matters, like your job.

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