This 26-Minute Lower Body Burnout Is a Booty Killer

Does your booty need a burn? This workout is what you're looking for. Grab a resistance band and press play.

The 26-minute workout is designed and led by trainer Sashah Handal, and it is guaranteed to get your butt in gear. "You could do this entire thing utilizing only your bodyweight, but if you add the band I promise it will add a little bit of extra heat," she says.

With her use of the description "a little bit of extra heat," Handal is underselling things, well, a little bit; this routine is not for the faint of... glute. It utilizes all the most effective powerhouse moves—including hip thrusts, donkey kicks, curtsy lunges, and more—to fire up and burn out your booty. In the process, the rest of your lower body doesn't exactly get a free ride, either, and you should definitely expect to be that good kind of sore from the waist down second day if you give your all to this routine.

None of that is to say that this booty band workout is a chore; it's fast-paced, with Handal cheerleading (and adjusting) you through each and every highly intentional move. This workout is designed to make you feel great while getting physically stronger. And boy, oh boy, does it deliver.

If you want to get your lower body prepped to actually (hopefully!) do some real, you know, moving from one place to another this year (with swag, ofc), press play and start dropping it like it's a lot a bit of heat.

What are you waiting for? Press play on the video above and get to work.

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