The Benefits of This Mineral Sunscreen Will Make You Actually *Want* to Reapply

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You take skin care seriously, which is why you slather on sunscreen year-round, rain or shine (glowy skin goals are serious business). But that stops short at mineral sunscreen, because—we get it—no one wants to look like a lifeguard with a glob of zinc plastered on their nose.

That's where Australian Gold® Botanical Sunscreen SPF 30 Mineral Lotion comes in, with a non-greasy formula that also has skin-care cred. Read: It glides on smoothly, has a refreshingly sophisticated scent (not just the beachy vibe you'd only want to rock in a bathing suit), and provides plant-based ingredients for major benefits.

Australian Gold Mineral Botanical Sunscreen
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So what's the difference from regular sunscreen? Mineral formulas shield with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which licensed aesthetician Melanie Herring notes are particularly good at blocking UVA rays—the ones responsible for the more serious forms of skin cancer.

Plus, Australian Gold® Botanical Sunscreens are loaded with green ingredients that contribute to your skin’s health—and notably sans parabens, sulfates, and oxybenzone.

Keep reading to learn about four game-changing botanical ingredients that you can get in this wear-every-day sunscreen.

Shea Butter

If you don't already slather yourself in this wellness world fave, you'll want to. Derived from an African nut, the creamy moisturizer is packed with nutrients (vitamins A, E, and F plus essential fatty acids) which make it a healing skin-care must-have.

With a natural SPF of 6, it's also a no-brainer sunscreen additive. Oh, and there's this: “Shea butter is said to aid in collagen production, so with regular use you could see a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles,” Herring says. Insert prayer-hands emoji here.

Eucalyptus globulus leaf extract

“Eucalyptus is a powerful healer,” Herring says. As in, it's anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal to keep skin fresh. It's got aromatherapy benefits, too: the calming scent is basically made for a chill beach sesh or your afternoon coffee stroll.

Red algae extract

Long considered a skin-care miracle worker, red algae's loaded with balancing minerals and antioxidants. And if going for a dip in salty or chlorinated water leaves your skin feeling parched, the moisturizing ingredient can counteract dryness, according to Herring.

Kakadu plum fruit extract

Made from an Australian fruit, this extract carries seriously high levels of vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant). It's particularly potent for sun-damaged skin, too, since it can help treat harmful side effects from soaking up sun.

“Kakadu plum is believed to help brighten skin—especially skin that is suffering from sun damage—and can help counter free-radical damage, a component in the aging process,” Herring says. How’s that for double-duty skin care?

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