Not Sure How to Handle Oily Skin? Here’s What Happens When You Dedicate 28 Days to Finding Balance

Striking a healthy balance anywhere in your life is tricky. From nailing the right ratio of olive oil to vinegar in your DIY salad dressing to deciding if you really need to shop for more "work" clothes.

This balancing act definitely extends into the realm of skin care—especially if you deal with oily skin. How do you moisturize enough without feeling like you're clogging up your pores?

For Well+Good talent manager Beatrice Walker, balancing her oily skin is one of her top skin-care concerns, and finding the right type of moisturizer that would hydrate her skin without leaving it too shiny has always baffled her. (Same, girl, same.)

To tackle oily skin head-on for the sake of finding #balance, Walker took the Weleda Skin Care Profiler quiz to find the botanical skin-care products best-suited for her skin, and then set out on the 28-day Weleda Beauty Bloom challenge to see how her skin responded to these plant-rich formulas.

Her flower-forward skin-care routine consisted of just four products, which tapped into the two-in-one cleansing and toning powers of witch hazel (to clean her skin without drying it out), the instant-moisturizing effects of antioxidant-rich pomegranate, and the calm, smoothing properties of wild rose extract.

Want in on the level of glow (with no trace of oiliness) Walker felt after challenge was over? You'll have to watch the video to see how she did it.

Check out the video above to see how Walker's new botanical skin-care regimen affected her skin over 28 days.

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