3 Boundaries Activist Rachel Cargle Sets to Prioritize Rest

Setting boundaries in our hustle-focused culture is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health... but it can be difficult to actually to figure out what your boundaries should be in the first place. That's why a recent Instagram story activist Rachel Cargle shared with mindful nature escape company Getaway has resonated with so many people. In the post, she shares the three boundaries she has set in order to prioritize rest.

Rachel Cargle's boundaries to prioritize rest

1. Open space in you calendar does not equate to “availability”

She explains that in her "free time," she prioritizes rest instead of looking for ways to be productive.

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  • Rachel Cargle, Rachel Cargle is a writer, lecturer, and the founder and president of The Loveland Foundation, Inc.

2. No meeting on Fridays

"A practice in remembering that things can wait. Capitalism makes us feel like productivity urgent and rest is wasteful," she says.

3. Cultivate JOMO (aka joy of missing out)

"We get trapped in the feeling that if we 'miss out' we'll fall behind," she says. This boundary is all about banishing that fear and embracing the pleasure of not always needing to have something to do or someplace to go

Bottom line: "It's a mindset change,”Cargyle told us earlier this year. “Our bodies naturally lead us to the moments when we need to rest. And it's really about shifting our thought process in order to grant our bodies the rest that it is often asking for. And so one of the things that really clicked for me is that rest doesn't always have to be reactive to being tired, that I have the capability of managing myself in a way where rest can be so active; oftentimes, we think of rest or self care in a reactive way of like, 'I've hit rock bottom,' or, 'I'm completely burnt out, and now I need to figure out ways to give myself rest.' I think that a more proactive conversation, a more proactive thought process can go a really long way."

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