#BPOTD: the Vegan Youth-Boosting Serum That Has Total Spa Vibes

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On my last birthday, I was faced with that realization that I should probably start thinking about fine line-busting skin-care products as more than something I'll need to use one day in the distant future.

Some skin-care pros recommend beginning a youth-boosting regimen as young as age 21 (which made me feel way behind already TBH), but with my decision to jump on the skin-firming train came an even bigger decision: Picking my starter product.

Creams and solutions that boast anti-aging benefits are usually filled with questionably harsh ingredients, and as a natural beauty lover I’m not about that chemical life. And that's what eventually drew me to AHAVA’s Extreme Night Treatment.

As a natural beauty lover I’m not about that chemical life—which is what eventually drew me to Ahava’s Extreme Night Treatment.

With ingredients sourced from the Dead Sea and the Himalayas, the nightly serum is filled with skin-loving plants designed to minimize the appearance of fine lines like bilberry (to help fight free radical damage) and citrus extracts (for antioxidants). Meanwhile, alpha hydroxy-acids help resurface and repair your skin by ridding it of dead skin cells—all in a vegan, paraben-free formula.

Plus, all the ingredients are given extra potency by AHAVA's Osmoter™ mineral catalyst, which is a super concentrated blend of minerals from the Dead Sea that make skin more able to retain moisture—AKA a vital part of getting (and staying!) glowy.

I put the serum to the test for a week (the directions say to use two drops nightly), and right off the bat I was impressed with how elevated it made my nightly ritual feel. The faintly orange-scented serum smelled amazing, and gave my bedtime routine total spa vibes.

My skin drank up the fast-absorbing formula, and it didn't feel oily or greasy sitting on my skin, which actually made me want to use it in the morning in place of my usual moisturizer (I didn't give in to the temptation, though—the Extreme Day Cream is more equipped for daytime use).

By the end of the week, my skin felt plump and dewier than ever, and I found myself actually looking forward to that step of my nightly routine. In my search for a more natural option to support my timeless skin goals, I'll go for this plant-based formula over a harsh clinical vibe, every time.

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