#BPOTD: This Sheet Mask Instantly Brightens Dull Winter Skin

It's called "Arctic Breeze" for a reason.

Beauty editors have no shortage of skin-care and makeup goodies that come across our desks. So when we become obsessed with something, it says a lot. In our new “Beauty Product of the Day” series (#BPOTD, for short), we wax poetic about the items that are truly game changers for hair, skin, and nails.

It's undeniable that sheet masks are one of the best ways to spend a night in. You get to channel a movie villain during your beauty regimen, the benefits are perfectly laid out on the packaging like a skin-care prescription, and—oh yeah—they're usually pretty cost-effective, often even clocking in between $2 to $6 a sheet.

But, despite the call to slow down my skin-care regimen (which I appreciate), I've never seen a huge change in my skin after using them. That is, until I met the Snow Fox Skincare Arctic Breeze Detox Sheet Masks, by the new Australian-sourced natural beauty brand. When the package came across my desk, I didn't raise much of an eyebrow TBH (though I was intrigued by the cute brand name), but it I threw in my bag to try it out at home.

The entire brand—which is a truly minimalistic line of a mere three products—was made by a founder who struggled with her own rosacea, so she created something that could work for ultra-sensitive skin types. I don't have sensitive skin, per say, but I'd just gotten through a serious bout of hormonal acne and had fresh marks on my chin in need of serious mending. So I was eager to see if this mask lived up to its claim of evening skin tone, while keeping my complexion nice and calm. Happily, the radish root ferment-, rose water-, glycerin-, and aloe vera-soaked sheet worked some magical wonders on acne scars.

Upon putting it on my face, it instantly felt cool—the peppermint extract lived up to its name, evoking the feeling of a frigid gust of wind (in a good way). Fifteen minutes later, I removed the sheet to a complexion that was noticeably brighter, more even, and plump with hydration. I'd never seen such a instant glow from a piece of serum-soaked (organic!) cotton before. Even in the depths of winter, I'm going to be rocking this sheet mask to keep my complexion looking like I just got back from a spa vacay.

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