#BPOTD: This Brand New Moisturizer Seriously Saved My Dry, Winter Skin

Graphic: Well+Good Creative
I like to imagine a much simpler, old-timey world (far, far away from the one we're living in now), where phrases like "Alert the presses!" actually meant something. Maybe people were dumping tea into open waters or a tall dude named Lincoln was announcing his run for office—or you know, another Drunk Elephant product was dropping that week.

So that I don't sound like a total dinosaur, I'll say this: Alert your Instagram. Because this week marks the world's introduction to Protini Polypeptide Cream, $68, from the cult-fave line Drunk Elephant. It's a rich cream that's packed with proteins, polypeptides, amino acids, pygmy waterlily, and plant-based growth factors, which are all aimed at improving the skin's tone and texture.

I need this. Last year, I ran the marathon and the four-hour-long runs in the hot summer sun did a number on my skin. I still have sun spots that I've yet to get rid of, and I've noticed that a few more lines—ever so slightly—have sprouted on my forehead than usual.

When I go to slather on the Protini, I notice that it—like the Lala Retro Whipped Creme ($60) before it—has an airtight pump. I press the container to dole out my dollop of moisturizer, and it seems a bit silkier than its predecessor. As I massage it into my face over my vitamin C serum, however, I notice that it's got a lot of the same attributes as my previous go-to. It's still thick enough to banish winter dryness, but once I've massaged it into my skin, it doesn't leave a sticky finish to my complexion. Within a couple of weeks, I see results.

The actives in this cream are meant to set summer (or post-marathon) skin straight. Mona Gohara, MD, a Connecticut-based dermatologist, tells me that peptides "are all about infusing strength into the barrier to help correct problems, which subsequently helps with tone." In short: They help skin to feel firmer. So, I'm not dreaming when I notice that the cream makes my complexion look ever-so-slightly more taut (as if I'd sent it to a skin gym).

What I'm happiest to report, however, is that after three weeks of slathering it on, said sun spots are finally vanishing, just in time for another training schedule to start again.

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