This Brain-Boosting Yoga Move Improves Your Concentration in 60 Seconds Flat

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Need to improve your concentration? There's a yoga move for that. And the best part is that you can do it in less than a minute between meetings to help you refocus your attention as your mind starts to wander.

The 60-second brain-boosting exercise is simple. You stand on your yoga mat with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, then repeatedly move between standing with your arms overhead to folding your body in half, hanging your head between your legs, and throwing your arms behind you.

Experts In This Article

"It allows the blood to flow in the opposite direction than maybe it has been if you've been seated upright or standing on your feet," says Yoga With Adriene's Adriene Mishler in a YouTube video. "This is great for when you just need a little something-something to help you focus or refocus."

The 60-second brain-boosting yoga exercise

  1. Start toward the top of your mat. Stand with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart.
  2. Inhale and reach for the sky.
  3. Exhale and bend your knees.
  4. Slowly send your sit bones back and fold your upper body, bringing your belly toward your thighs.
  5. Toss your hands back behind you.
  6. Inhale and sweep your hands toward the sky.
  7. Repeat the movements, speeding things up and getting into a rhythm. Continue for 60 seconds.
  8. Finish by reaching up and bringing your palms together above your head.
  9. Slowly bring your hands down your midline to your heart space.

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