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This Multi-Purpose Styler and Treatment Hair Cream Is a Must-Have for Anyone With Naturally Curly Hair

Image: Bread Beauty Supply | Graphic: W+G Creative
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I have naturally curly hair, so naturally, that means I've experimented with countless products over the years with the goal of finding something that moisturizes my curls—without weighing them down, and actually being good for the health of my hair. I've found a few products I love (and a lot on which I regret spending money), but that's just the way it goes. The newest styling product in my arsenal of curly hair products guaranteed to give me a good hair day is the Bread Beauty Supply Elastic Bounce Leave-in Conditioning Styler Hair Cream ($28). For this product, I have the opposite of regret—I wish I found it sooner.


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I was intrigued because this multi-purpose leave-in was created to be used for styles like wash-and-gos, braid outs, and even slicked-back buns—all of my go-to hairstyles. I'm used to using multiple products to achieve these looks, and was pleasantly surprised when the only product I used outside of the shower was this leave-in.

This "silky soft" styling cream features conditioning and repairing agents like hydrolyzed quinoa protein to revitalize and repair the strands, providing a healthy, bouncy shine; mango butter to reduce breakage and dryness; and caprylic triglycerides to reduce moisture loss. Translation: This styler and treatment will give you some of your best hairstyles to date without the need for multiple products.

The cream is extremely light to the touch, and when I applied it to my hair, I could barely tell there was product in it. Going off of past experiences where products felt similar and left my hair looking wild, I applied a lot for my wash-and-go, and it caused my hair to look weighed down once it dried. I tried it again a few days later, using a lot less product this time, and my wash-and-go was my definition of perfect once it dried. My curls had so much definition, volume, and shine, my frizz was minimal (this is rare), and there was no crunchiness or stickiness in sight.

I also tested this leave-in with a braid-out, and once again, I loved how it turned out. My hair was moisturized, my waves were defined and voluminous, and it was the only product I had to use.

As you should be able to tell by now, I am loving this hair cream because one, it makes my hair look good, and two, it's also keeping my curls healthy. I rarely do this, but it has my curly girl stamp of approval, and I 10/10 would recommend it to all my curly friends.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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