You Need To Try These Antioxidant- and Protein-Packed ‘Breakfast Popsicles’

Anyone who thinks popsicles are just for kids is sadly mistaken. The summer treat is the perfect way to cool down on hot summer days—and, surprisingly, it's also a great way to start any day. Yes, you read that correctly: Breakfast popsicles are a thing.

When you wake up to the same bowl of oatmeal, smoothie, or even cup of coffee every day, things can get a little boring. Cue in breakfast popsicles, which instantly make your go-to breakfasts much more exciting. There's parfait-style popsicles with yogurt, fruit, and granola, steel-cut oatmeal popsicles, chia seed pudding popsicles, and even cold brew popsicles. With all the different options, you could make a new batch of breakfast popsicles every week.

No matter how you like to start your day, there's something for everyone. And these are the best breakfast popsicles to start with.

The best breakfast popsicles to make this summer

1. Kiwi coconut chia popsicles

breakfast popsicles
Photo: The Little Epicurean

If you're a fan of chia pudding, try it in popsicle-form. This version is extra creamy thanks to the coconut milk.

2. Easy breakfast yogurt popsicles

breakfast popsicles
Photo: I Heart Naptime

This popsicle is basically a yogurt parfait on a stick. It's loaded with just five simple ingredients: Greek yogurt, milk, honey, granola, and berries.

3. Spirulina popsicles

Photo: Green Smoothie Gourmet

These protein-rich popsicles get their pretty blue-green hue from spirulina. Combined with your plant milk of choice, cashew butter, and a handful of other ingredients, you'll have a super healthy—and tasty!—way to start the day.

4. Oatmeal and strawberry popsicles

breakfast popsicles
Photo: Getty Images/TailorTang

Who wants to eat oatmeal in a bowl when you can enjoy it as a popsicle? This recipe combines steel-cut oats, milk, and strawberries for a delicious morning treat. Skip the sugar to make it extra healthy.

5. Cold brew iced mocha pops

Photo: The View from Great Island

If you're bored with your daily cup of coffee, swap it out for one of these cold brew iced mocha pops. They're made using cold brewed coffee, milk, and a handful of chocolate chips for an unbeatable chocolatey flavor.

6. Green smoothie breakfast popsicles

Photo: Floating Kitchen

Your typical green smoothie just got a lot more exciting with this popsicle that's loaded with ingredients like kale, banana, honey, and Greek yogurt.

7. Tropical smoothie popsicles

Photo: Simply Delicious

Get a taste of the tropics with these breakfast popsicles that are made from coconut milk, bananas, mango, and pineapple.

8. Dairy-free yogurt and granola popsicles

Photo: A Dash of Megnut

There's no dairy needed in these popsicles, which use nut milk yogurt, gluten-free granola, and plenty of fruit.

9. Mango and granola protein popsicles

breakfast popsicles
Photo: The Simple Veganista

These protein popsicles are perfect to enjoy post-workout, as they contain 4.5 grams of protein each.

Here's how to make matcha and turmeric ice pops for an anti-inflammatory treat:

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