8 Actually Breathable Bras That Won’t Suffocate Your Boobs

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Few things in life are more uncomfortable than strapping your breasts into a bra (already an annoying task) that smothers them into a sweaty mess. Thankfully, breathable bras offer an easy solution to boob sweat.

Now, "breathable bras" sounds like code for "not cute but comfortable." But that's just not true. You can find comfort, style, and breathability all wrapped into one perfect package. In fact, there's no shortage of pretty undergarments that keep you cool if you know where to look.

The most breathable bras are made from lighter-than-air fabrics: Think cotton, bamboo, and soft lace. They range from sexy or sporty to minimalist or full-coverage. Most importantly, however, they're designed to minimize visible sweat by wicking away moisture and allowing for air flow.

Everlane The Cotton Tank Bra — $28.00

If you’re of the bra-comes-off-as-soon-as-you-get-home camp like me, this bra from Everlane may change your ways. It’s super comfortable, breathable, and totally appropriate for wearing outside when I have to run to my duplex’s laundry room. A blend of cotton with a touch of elastane makes it super soft and lightweight. “These are the only bras I sleep in,” writes a happy customer. “They are like a second skin. So comfy but also surprisingly supportive. Many days I end up keeping it on all day.”

Liberte Crosby Plunge Bra — $82.00

Liberté, a new size-inclusive lingerie brand, creates pretty pieces in breathable fabrics sourced from Italy. This bra is crafted from jersey and lace and has soft cups that conform to the shape of your breasts without smothering them. As a bonus, the fabric has moisture-wicking properties to help keep your boobs cool.

Journelle Natalia Underwire Bra — $68.00

If I could only wear one fabric for the rest of my life, it would be scalloped lace. You might think of it as more of an aspirational fabric, but this underwire bra is made from soft lace (hello, ventilation) with a few extra straps for visual interest.

Baserange Mississippi Bra — $65.00

If your taste skews minimalist, consider sustainable lingerie brand Baserange your new best friend. This lightweight bralette is made from bamboo, a fabric known for its moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial powers. The triangle neckline is particularly flattering for smaller breasts.

Jonesy Triangle Bralette — $45.00

Jonesy is all about designing comfortable, stylish undergarments in breathable fabrics. This low-cut bralette is an everyday option that comes in a variety of colorways. Plus, it’s made with bamboo to help keep out excess moisture.

Third Love 24/7 Pima Cotton Plunge Bra — $68.00

What makes this bra feel so effortless to wear is the Pima Cotton material. Like all cotton, it’s naturally breathable and allows your breasts to get some ventilation when you start to sweat. Additionally, the bra provides a lot of coverage and comes with removable memory foam cups to adjust your fit. “Worn all day for the first time with zero re-adjusting, zero band or strap pain and an overall comfortable fit,” one reviewer raved. “Great support, great shape, with small removable pads for extra lift.”

Cosabella Soft Cotton Curvy Bralette — $56.00

For those with larger breasts, consider this bra a necessity to pair with your favorite T-shirt. The straps are wide and easily adjustable to help keep your boobs in place. It also has a wider bust band for extra comfort and the Pima-cotton construction allows for greater air flow. “I’m a bigger chested woman and I hate wearing bras with underwire….” one reviewer wrote. “This fit so well, the coverage is great, and it’s cotton. All pluses!”

Parade Triangle Bralette Silky Mesh — $32.00

When it comes to breathability, you can’t go wrong with mesh. And this bralette is no exception. “The mesh is super soft and it doesn’t cut into my skin at any angle,” notes one reviewer. “Incredibly breathable and sexy AF.” The bra also is made with special LuxStretch fabric to prevent any discomfort or snug feeling around your underboob.


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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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