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8 Breathable Bras That Won’t Make Your Boobs Feel Suffocated

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Photo: Stocksy/Mihajlo Ckovric
Things that are smothering: a Pisces with a Sagittarius rising sign on a third date (yes, I am describing myself here), the patriarchy, and bras that are not breathable. While there isn't a quick fix for the first two (therapy? friendtopia?), the third one has a simple solution, and that's buying breathable bras. There's arguably nothing worse than strapping your breasts into a bra (already an annoying task) that then proceeds to smother them and turn them into a sweaty, uncomfortable mess. I mean, aside from giving yourself a wedgie to avoid bodysuit-related VPL, which is an actual thing that I have done.

Now, when I first thought about finding a breathable bra, that seemed like code for "not cute but comfortable." And while I'm all about comfort, I also want to feel attractive. Praise be the lingerie goddesses because there is now no shortage of pretty undergarments that also don't feel like they're stifling your breasts like an infrared sauna session. The following breathable bras are made from lighter-than-air fabrics: Think cotton, bamboo, and soft lace. They range from sexy to sporty to minimalist but, most importantly, none of them will cause little pools of sweat to gather underneath your boobs. And isn't that the dream, really?

Everlane Women's Tank Bra, $22

If you're of the bra comes off right when you get home camp like I am, this bra from Everlane may change your ways. It's super comfortable, breathable, and totally appropriate for wearing outside when I have to run to my duplex's laundry room. A blend of cotton with a touch of elastane makes it super soft and lightweight.

Free People Celeste Bra, $38

Whenever I browse Free People's lingerie site, I seem to go into a fugue state—when I emerge, there are somehow 4,567 things in my cart. During my last browse, I was able to narrow down my selection to include this mesh bralette. The little stars add a whimsical touch, and the mesh construction means things don't get overheated.

Jonesy Triangle Bralette, $45 

Jonesy is all about designing comfortable, stylish undergarments in breathable fabrics. This low cut bralette is an everyday option that comes in a variety of colorways. (I'm partial to the seafoam and dusky pink.)

Brooke There Fern Triangle Bra, $48 

This comfy vegan bra is made from organic cotton and produced in the U.S. Not to mention, the rose gold accents are quite pretty and the green color makes you feel like you're a sprite in a sporty version of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Baserange Mississippi Bra, $62

If your taste skews minimalist, consider sustainable lingerie brand Baserange your new BFF. This lightweight bralette is made from bamboo, and the triangle neckline is particularly flattering for smaller breasts.

Journelle Natalia Underwire Bra, $68

If I could only wear one fabric for the rest of my life, it would be scalloped lace. It's sexy and ultra-feminine, two things I like to pretend I am all of the time. (In reality, I'm currently wearing yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and no bra.). Let's call it my aspirational fabric. This underwire bra is made from soft lace (hello, ventilation), and has a couple extra straps for added sexiness.

Liberté Crosby Micro-Jersey Plunge Bra, $96 

Liberté, a new size-inclusive lingerie brand, creates pretty pieces in breathable fabrics sourced from Italy. This bra is crafted from jersey and lace and has soft cups that conform to the shape of your breasts without smothering them.

Yasmine Eslami Serena Triangle Bra, $135

Designer Yasmine Eslami went fashion school in Paris before spending 10 years at Vivienne Westwood, and it shows in her new eponymous line of lingerie. Feminine and sexy, without copious amounts of lace, this tulle bra is a new take on minimalism. The fabric is breathable, and it has underwire cups.

I also went on a quest to find sexy lingerie that wasn't uncomfortable—here are my picks.

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