Summer Is the Season of Sweaty Feet—Unless You’ve Got Breathable Closed-Toe Shoes

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Nothing feels better than letting your little toes sport their summer pedicures, feeling footloose and fancy-free in a pair of flip flops all summer long. But if open-toed shoes aren't for you, there are a lot of great breathable closed-toe shoes on the market that are comfortable, stylish, and warm-weather approved.

While a viral comedic TikTok called New York City "not an open toe space" and followed that up with an anecdote about when creator Jake W Cornell stepped in vomit (it happens...), according to germ expert Jason Tetro, if you watch where you step and keep your feet clean before going inside, there isn't really "a microbial risk with wearing open toed shoes [since] the foot has a relatively thick skin."

That said, there is a time and a place. According to Najwa Javed, DPM, podiatrist at Silicon Valley Podiatry Group and founder of E'MAR Italy, if you do find yourself strutting around a city all day or going on an outdoor adventure, closed-toe shoes are the best preventive choice against the possibility of injuries, splinters, and bacteria. Additionally, since close-toed shoes often have more support, they can also help prevent foot cramping and strain if you are moving around all day. Scroll down for the 5 best breathable closed-toe shoes to wear all summer long.

Rothy's Flat — $125.00

After a year spent mostly in sweats and slippers, it’s finally time to step out of your fashion comfort zone. These cheetah print flats are perfect to spice up any wardrobe, and since they are made out of Rothy’s signature thread that is spun from plastic water bottles, they are a great eco-friendly, breathable choice.

Allbirds Tree Breezers — $95.00

With 17 different colors to chose from, these machine washable flats are a summer shoe staple. The fitted collar keeps your foot in place to avoid slippage, while the silky smooth, eucalyptus tree fibers that the shoe is made out of helps keep your feet cool and minimize odor.

Frankie4 Hannah II — $175.00

If you’re looking for a sporty-style shoe that is more breathable than a sneaker, but more supportive than a ballet flat, this effortlessly elegant pair has got you covered. Designed by a podiatrist for ultimate comfort, the shoe features holes in the upper for limited foot sweating, an adjustable footbed for heel, arch, and forefront support, and is both lightweight and slip resistant.

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L'amour des Pieds 'Brenn' Ankle Strap Sandal — $200.00

If you’re itching to wear a sandal, but still want to feel protected from the elements, why not just dip your toe in? This day to night option features cutouts that allow for great air flow, lets just one toe peek through the front, but also provides great coverage for the rest. The baby wedge elevates the style for a dinner out, but the cushioned footbed keeps you feeling like you’re walking on air.

UGG Sammy Breeze Slip On Sneaker — $90.00

Known for their shearling-lined boots and slippers, UGG also has a whole host of summer shoe options as well. These light slip-ons are easy to pack, features a breathable knit upper, snug side elastic panels for support, and are great for everyday wear.

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