9 Pieces of ‘Bridgerton’-Inspired Loungewear To Feel High Society Without Leaving Home All Winter

"The social season is upon us," announces Lady Whistledown via voiceover in the opening scenes of the Regency-era period show Bridgerton on Netflix. The show follows eligible ladies of London debuting into high society and the, ahem, "marriage market," and from minute one, I'm entranced. The vibe of the show is Gossip Girl, but with intricate costumes more reflective of Jane Austen. Think: whimsical, romantic dresses, adorned with flowers and jewels and long trains that look like a tripping hazard. While I love the entirety of the show as A-plus quarantine viewing material, the Bridgerton fashion components are really what transports me. And as it turns out, components of it are possible to re-create in my own stay-at-home wardrobe, even though there's no "social season" to speak of right now.

I used to love getting ready and wearing impractical-but-pretty things, but now I'm barely capable of putting on my favorite pair of black leggings because I can't handle the constricting feeling of "tight pants"—no matter how soft they are. I also live in an odor-resistant, stain-resistant sweatshirt that I affectionately call my "wine bib." Essentially, jewel of the social season is what I am not. But the fashion in Bridgerton has inspired me to wear more than the matching sweatsuits I've been living in for nearly a year. I want to swan about my apartment in frilly, romantic dresses, pretending that I'm "titled, chaste, and innocent" and practicing how to swoon while still looking pretty. (And also still being comfy, because let's not get too carried away.) If you, too, want to dance through your home in high-society-influenced loungewear, I've got you covered.

Scroll to shop 9 comfy fashion pieces, inspired by Bridgerton.

1. Homebodii Petra Nightie, $90

Homebodii Nightgown
Photo: Homebodii

"You do not know me, but I know you." —Lady Whistledown, and also me in this dressing gown as I create scandalous stories involving the three spiders I found living in my apartment this week.

Buy Now: Homebodii Petra Nightie, $90

2. Free People Violet Mini Dress, $108

Free People Puff Sleeve Dress
Photo: Free People

Several friends have texted to tell me that Daphne Bridgerton's beau bears a striking resemblance to an on-again, off-again ex of mine. She's wearing blue, her signature color, when he confesses his love and tells her that he burns for her (chills). So maybe through some sort of osmosis, if I wear this blue floaty dress, I'll enjoy a similar effect?

Buy Now: Free People Violet Mini Dress, $108

3. Christy Dawn The Dawn Dress Extended, $198

Christy Dawn Christy Dress
Photo: Christy Dawn

For those days when you need a boost of "accidentally leave a giant, expensive necklace gifted to you by a prince on a bridge to be never thought of again, because you're running away from the incredibly attractive duke with whom you have spicy chemistry" energy.

Buy Now: Christy Dawn The Dawn Dress Extended, $198

4. Sleeper Sleep Dress, $250

Sleeper Sleep Dress
Photo: Shopbop

"I love all of you. Even the parts that you believe are too dark and too shameful. Every scar. Every flaw. Every imperfection." Quote from the show, or something I said while wearing this nap dress as I read my crush's natal chart and discovered he has a lot of Virgo placements?

Buy Now: Sleeper Sleep Dress, $250

5. Rahi Jules Puff Babydoll Dress, $46

Rahi Puff Sleeve Mini Dress
Photo: Shopbop

One time, I was about to be impressed because a man shared his dinner leftovers with me after we had sex (the bar is so low, it's in hell). No more of that nonsense. This year I'm going to channel some of Daphne's "send me the most expensive flowers in London" energy (otherwise known as "standards") by way of this comfy cotton dress with an empire waist and puffy sleeves. And also by requiring any suitors to court me with flowers and calling cards.

Buy Now: Rahi Jules Puff Babydoll Dress, $46

6. Campo Collection Angelina Robe, $575

Campo Robe
Photo: Campo Collection

This robe will be perfect to wear while lounging despondently on my couch, waiting for men to duel for my honor. (Or, more realistically, respond "WTF, that's terrible" to an Instagram story of mine containing a screenshot of a gross message I just got on Hinge.)

Buy Now: Campo Collection Angelina Robe, $575

7. For Love and Lemons Freya Slip Dress, $129

For Love and Lemons Slip
Photo: For Love and Lemons

When you're in the mood to pine, slip into this lacy number and imagine you're an opera singer in love with a man you can only have in the shadows, because he'll sleep with you, but committing to you is out of the question.

Buy Now: For Love and Lemons Freya Slip Dress, $129

8. LoveShackFancy Vivi Dress, $230

LoveShackFancy dress
Photo: LoveShackFancy

Regency-era ladies were masters of swooning while still looking great, which is a skill I plan to master so that when I'm allowed to promenade for suitors again, I'll have a better chance of ensnaring a beau. Just think of how gracefully dramatic this dress will swish when I gently collapse to the ground.

Buy Now: LoveShackFancy Vivi Dress, $230

9. Marks and Spencer Rosie Satin Floral Print Long Dressing Gown, $60

Marks and Spencer Dressing Gown
Photo: Marks and Spencer

This is a romantic, silky dressing gown that's perfect for drafting tweets about how the sexy montage set to an instrumental version of Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift changed my life. By the light of a candle, of course.

Buy Now: Marks and Spencer Rosie Satin Floral Print Long Dressing Gown, $60

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