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8 of Brie Larson’s most challenging workouts to bookmark now

Tehrene Firman

Tehrene FirmanFebruary 26, 2019

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When I was watching the Oscars last weekend, the standout wellness wins—including Melissa McCartney’s now-iconic Adidas track suit—weren’t the only things that caught my eye. When Brie Larson arrived, I may or may not have experienced a full-on jaw-drop: I couldn’t take my eyes off her ridiculously toned arms. So much so that I ignored the next 10 minutes of the show because I was too busy stalking her Instagram page to steal the real-life Captain Marvel’s gym routine.

Larson has admitted she’s never been a fan of hitting the gym, but that all changed when she started amping up her training sessions with trainer Jason Walsh to prepare for her starring super hero role. Big-time. This girl’s workouts don’t involve a quick run on the treadmill and some dumbbell exercises. Instead, she literally pushes a 5,000-pound Jeep around. Basically, she’s officially my inspiration for all things fitness-related from here on out, and these badass workout videos will most definitely make her yours, too. Keep scrolling to find her workouts to bookmark now (if you have a Jeep that is…).

1. Jeep workout

Oh you know, she’s just pushing a 5,000-pound jeep will a full tank of gas uphill for 60 seconds. No big deal.

2. Rock climbing

She might be Captain Marvel, but she’d definitely make a great Spidey with these rock climbing skills.

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16lbs 🔨 cc: @chrishemsworth

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3. Sledgehammer swings

…and a great Thor. This is 165 pounds of pure metal.

4. Weighted ball throws

There’s only one way Larson likes to play catch: with a weighted 12-pound ball.

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275lbs —> @whatsgabycookin 🍪

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5. Heavy hip thrusts

In this workout, Larson’s hip thrusts involved lifting 275 pounds.

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6. Weighted lunges

Lunges are already hard enough when they don’t involve holding heavy weights over your head.

7. Pull-ups

Nine months of training will get you an impressive amount of flawless pull-ups.

8. Weighted push-ups

She busted out these push-ups with perfect form and heavy chains wrapped around her core.

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