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This Blow-Dry Cream Is Everything My Dry Natural Hair Needs

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I'm not exactly good at doing my natural hair. The pandemic has forced me to start caring for it and it's been a journey, to say the least. My go-to has become a center part with two twists that come together in the back, creating a halo effect. And because my hair shrinks up when wet, I like to blow it out before twisting it up. Over the past few months, the Briogeo Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection and Heat Protectant Crème, $24, has become my new best friend.

I've never put heat on my hair without using a heat protectant—like, ever. My childhood hairdresser instilled that habit in me, so before I found this cream, I relied on heat protectant sprays, which never felt that great. I have super dry hair, so no matter what I used, my hair always felt dry and brittle after blowdrying it, and even worse if I straightened it further with a flat iron. The Briogeo crème is the first heat protectant I've used that actually leaves my hair feeling soft—and it gets bonus points for achieving that in the dead of the winter.

Complete with rosehip, argan, and coconut oils, the Briogeo heat protectant smoothes hair, enhances shine, tames frizz, and protects again heat up to 450°F. It's great for blowing your hair out straight or diffusing your curls. And while it works wonders on my 4C coils, it suits all hair types. It's become the perfect addition to my hair care routine.

Currently, I'm using the Prose pre-shampoo mask ($38), then the shampoo ($20) and conditioner ($19) from Melanin Haircare. I section out my hair, apply the heat protectant crème to damp hair, and then blow out using the comb attachment on my Dyson Supersonic ($400).

Briogeo Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection and Heat Protectant Crème

Using a moisturizing heat protectant is especially important when you have dry hair, because heat dries it out even further, explains celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons.

"While we love heat tools for their ability to manipulate the hair into different styles, they do strip your hair of its natural oils and proteins,” he says. “To put it simply: Heat tools compromise the quality of your hair, so repeated use of them will completely dehydrate your strands and lead to breakage.”

This makes heat protectants a necessary step of heat styling. “I never use a heat tool without heat protection,” he says. “Heat protection will keep your hair shinier, healthier, and less prone to breakage.” He says the best heat protectants protect up to 450°F and include moisturizing ingredients like oils to "help nourish your hair to a healthier state.” The Briogeo heat protectant checks those boxes and feels amazing on your hair. If you too love heat styling and are sick of it drying out your hair, be sure to add this item to your cart.

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