6 Instagrams That Prove Britney Spears Is a Bona Fide Fitness Influencer

Photo: Instagram/@britneyspears
Sometimes she runs, sometimes she works out her thighs, but these days, Britney Spears is *never* scared of a super-tough workout. Not only is she stronger than yesterday (sorry, had to), but with her rigid workout schedule, she's stronger every day.

The superstar musician has turned into quite the workout warrior: She takes gym selfies like a boss, posts her go-to exercises for fans to try at home (obviously featuring pump-up jams from some of her albums), and recently became the face of the French luxury brand Kenzo's new nostalgic line, La Collection Memento No. 2. Spears told Vogue that she had a lot of fun working with the "youthful" collection—and thanks in part to her on-point healthy habits, she's perfect for the part, looking and feeling as youthful as ever.

Check out the following Instagram evidence of Britney Spears' workout-warrior status.

1. She makes working out on the road look easy

2. She's already turning future generations into mini Britneys

3. She doesn't need a gym to get a sweat in

Beautiful day for an outdoor workout!!! ?

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4. She's always trying something new and perfecting her craft

5. She spends her nights doing handstands around the house

What do you do in the wee hours of the night?... walk on your hands ?

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6. She's the queen of confidence in and out of the gym

Found my white booty shorts ????

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Originally published March 27, 2018; updated July 3, 2018.

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