broad City’s Parodied Take on the NYC Fitness Scene Is Really Perfect

Broad City Trey Soulstice
Trey offering motivational tips to Abbi, at Soulstice. (Photo: Comedy Central)

The gross behavior of New York City subway commuters is not the only thing Comedy Central's Broad City is totally nailing right now.

The show, back in its second season, is more popular than ever thanks to its endless spot-on parodies of many New York City experiences (for one very specific demographic, of course).

Its take on the fitness scene is no exception—and it reached a new level this week with the release of the character Trey’s hilarious workout video, Body by Trey-City as Your Gym.

On the show, Trey is a trainer at the gym where main character Abbi works. It looks a lot like an Equinox and is called “Soulstice.” (Get it?) Trey is endlessly motivational, speaking in nonsensical inspirational quotes and constantly promoting his website,, which features his client “transformations” (and is real, by the way!).

In his debut workout video, Trey demos exercises like trash-can crunches, subway platform push-ups, and a Times Square obstacle course (which harkens back to a scene where he shouted Parkour moves at Abbi as she made them up by climbing all over a parked car). He also sings a ridiculous song that the video is set to, because, you know, trainers are the new rock stars.

To top it off, there’s the scene where Ilana sees the Soulstice locker room for the first time and is aghast at the luxury, gasping “Kiehl’s?!” as she pumps lotion into the plastic bags meant for sweaty gym clothes in an attempt to take some home with her. Ridiculous, yes, but somehow still relatable.

Since in New York City your gym’s bathroom is often significantly nicer than the one in your apartment. —Lisa Elaine Held

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