Making Smoothies With the “Broad City” Girls Is the Most Fun You’ll Have Today

Photo: Instagram/@broadcity
Smoothies are delicious, but making them? It can be pretty tedious—especially if you like yours first thing in the morning, AKA before coffee. (Or maybe that's how your getting your caffeine boost...) Even if you have a fancy blender that can break down whatever you toss in it, chances are, there's still some chopping and measuring involved. And that's in addition to the terrible, terrible nose coming from the machine itself. (Here's hoping you aren't hungover.)

Virtual smoothie dates with your bestie? Genius.

Well, the Broad City girls feel you. (Of course they do.) Today, the TV series (which BTW comes back August 23) posted an Instagram video of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer in character, blending away together over Facetime. First of all: virtual smoothie dates with your bestie? Genius. Especially if she's anything like these two.

They get that it's a little weird that kale gets massaged more than you probably do, and that sometimes other people have no idea what the ingredients in your smoothie actually are for (hello, maca). And that's just the start of the deep-thoughts-over-blended-beverages fun:

let out your deepest darkest secrets/make a smoothie! #happysmoothieday

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