Can Working Out at 52 Degrees Really Dial up Your Workout?

Is Brrrn the coolest workout ever? Watch the video.

Not gonna lie: I like to look cool while I'm working out. There's something about mixing and matching my athletic wardrobe that makes any given workout *that* much more satisfying. I learned recently that there's yet another way to add that cool factor to my workout. Just dial down the temperature to a chilly 50 degrees (no, seriously).

On the latest episode of What the Wellness, Well+Good's video series exploring all things weird and wonderful in the pursuit of well-being, we visited New York City's Brrrn studio. The 50-minute, low-impact classes at Brrrn will leave you seriously sweaty.

Brrrn co-founder Jimmy Martin says the reasons for working out in the cold are many. Ready to learn even more about it? Watch the video and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The heat is great workouts, too! These 8 pairs of leggings will stand up to the sweat test and this mat won't let you slip.

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