5 Brussels Sprouts Recipes That Define Fall Flavor

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Fall may be known for all things cozy—like hygge'ing out your space—but it also produces, well, some of the best produce. Squash are aplenty, pumpkins are everywhere, and at least half of your Instagram feed has gone apple picking already. Brussels sprouts, though, are the real autumnal heroes. While they're often served halved and roasted, there are endless ways to incorporate the veggie into unsuspecting dishes.

Bonus: Brussels sprouts are also naturally detoxifying (they aid in transforming and packaging all the goodies in your GI tract for…elimination). And with unique new options like Brussels-sprouts-based salads, you're bound to find a new recipe you love and reap all the healthy benefits of the cruciferous veggie.

Scroll through 5 tantalizing Brussels sprouts recipes below.

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1. Sesame Peanut Brussels Sprouts

The combination of sesame and peanut tastes reminiscent of pad Thai, but this dish offers way more health benefits than the popular takeout item—like heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and fiber. (Psst: Here's a similar, sweet-potato-based pad Thai redux to whip up, too.)

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2. Maple Pecan Brussels Sprouts

Maple flavor is totally on the rise, so get your Brussels in on-trend recipe formation. (Don't worry pumpkin purists, the PSL craze is totally still alive and well). Here, the nuttiness gives the crunchy sprouts a sweet-and-salty taste that's almost certain to please your taste buds. The whole dish, BTW, takes just 20 minutes to make.

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3. Quinoa Bowl with Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprouts

Quinoa is one of the OG superfoods, but if you're wouldn't be wrong to crave a refresh on the ancient grain if you've grown tired of your stalwart recipes. Give your quinoa bowls a fall makeover with a slew of seasonal veggies, including Brussels sprouts and squash—it's a flavorful dish that you can meal-prep for office lunches, too.

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4. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Shiitake Bacon and Maple Dijon

Are these the cutest appetizers or are these the cutest appetizers? (Or these?) Eaten straight off the toothpick, the nutritious bites get a protein boost from the shiitake mushroom that's well-disguised as bacon. In other words: Your carnivorous besties will never notice.

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5. Shredded Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad with Lemon + Orange Vinaigrette

Shredding sprouts are au courant and provide regular romaine eaters with a welcome respite. (You're welcome.) Although the kale tends to be bitter naturally, the taste is tempered with the fruity vinaigrette and creamy avocado. Basically, all the best things together in one bowl.

Thinking of pairing your sprouts dish with a PSL? Here's why you crave the pumpkin in the fall and how to hack your Starbucks latte order to make it healthy as possible.

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