Quiz: What Foodie Upgrade Do You Need in Your Life Right Now?

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The problem with dog-earring cookbooks and reading food sites for fun is you end up with a stack of recipes that's (frighteningly) long. So when it comes time to restock your pantry, host your crew for a BBQ, or simply get your weeknight dinner situation together, you freeze. And then order takeout.

We’ve joined forces with Castor & Pollux®, America’s #1 organic pet food brand, to put an end to all that—with the tips you need to feed you, your BFFs, and your pup with wow factor. 

What's on deck? Healthy recipes made for backyard farm-to-table feasts  (with dogs running around, obvi), next-level picnic spreads, and the ultimate shopping lists to put the spark back into your food game. Each piece of intel taps top-notch ingredients like wild-caught fish, responsibly sourced meat, and organic veggies—just like the ingredients in Castor & Pollux ORGANIX® and PRISTINE®.

Ready to get cooking? Start by taking this quiz that matches you up with a made-for-you foodie experience—plus a must-try recipe. Next step: Invite every food-loving pet parent you know.

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